(Clearwisdom.net) Voice of America April 25, 2002 report (Thursday): The Falun Dafa Association in Indonesia filed a law suit in Jakarta District Court on the third anniversary of Falun Gong practitioners' protest outside Zhongnanhai, Beijing. The practitioners sued officials of the Chinese Embassy for interfering with their gathering outside the Embassy on March 3, 2002. They also demanded compensation of 5.01 billion Rupee, which is about 539,000 U.S dollars.

The report continued: According to the spokesman of the Falun Dafa Association, the gathering had received a prior permit from the police, but after the interference from Chinese Embassy officials the police cancelled the permit. Nonetheless, the practitioners held a six-hour gathering outside the Embassy. Chinese Embassy official(s) in Indonesia admitted to having contacted the local police regarding the gathering, but refuted any knowledge about the lawsuit. According to the estimate of a human rights organization, at the present time hundreds of Falun Gong practitioners are being detained in China, and hundreds of thousands of practitioners are being subjected to "Forced Labor Re-education."