April 26, 2002


The Sichuan Province 610 Office's Deputy Director Jiang Caolin dies in a car accident

The Sichuan Province 610 Office's [An agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the party and all other political and judiciary systems] deputy director Jiang Caolin died in a car accident early in the morning on April 12, 2002.

Those persecuting Dafa practitioners in Rongan County, Jilin Province receive retribution

Since 1999, Chen Guoxue of the Rongan County Traffic Department has taken the initiative to persecute Falun Gong. If his subordinates practiced Falun Gong, they were fired. On February 10, 2002, Chen Guoxue died as a result of lung cancer and other diseases.

The Rongan County Keyun company manager's driver Zuo Baolin accompanied the manager to go to say defamatory things about Dafa at a practitioner's house. He had a car accident during one of the company's assignments last winter. Out of the eight or nine passengers riding in the same vehicle, only he was killed. The grisly sight of his death was unbearable to look at.

Reports of retribution in the Shanxi Province Taiyan City Female Forced Labor Camp

At the Taiyan City Xindian Female Forced Labor Camp, the previous camp chief by the surname of Lu (female) instigated police to use electric batons to brutally beat and torture Dafa practitioners. She has now received retribution. She had two major operations, one after another. Some other local policemen also received other kinds of retribution for their evil deeds.

Shanxi Province Datong City Police Department Chief involved in car accident

The Shanzi Datong City Police Department Chief maltreated Dafa practitioners with extremely cruel means and was involved in a car accident as retribution.

Some cases of immediate retribution in Shuning County, Hebei Province

  1. In 2001, two village officers from Gezhuang Village had on various occasions instigated their own sons to tear up and destroy Dafa banners. One night, there was a car accident, resulting in 3 dead and 1 injured. Among the ones who died were the two youngsters who tore up the banners. The people who understood the truth said, "It is retribution indeed!"
  2. A Nanshibao Village policeman saw a few big Dafa banners hung at the roadside outside the village. He quickly tore them down and brought them to the county police department to ask for a reward. However, he was scolded by the people from township police office and almost lost his job. Another villager, in an attempt to earn money, wanted to paint over the Falun Dafa words written on the wall. Somehow, the white paint in the bucket was poured over his own head and body. The people who know about the truth saw the situation and laughed at him: you have received retribution.
  3. One villager in Fugu Village tore up Dafa books. A few nights later at midnight, he suffered from kidney stones and felt intense, unbearable pain. He went to the hospital, suffered much pain and spent lots of money to save his life. Even now, this person still has high blood pressure. Another villager wrote banners that defamed Dafa. One day, she accidentally injured her own mouth while processing corn, causing blood to gush unchecked. She only recovered after many doses of medicine, spending over 100 yuan (the average monthly income in rural china is about 200 yuan) and suffering much agony.

Be advised, those who were deceived by the media propaganda: stop doing things against Dafa and Dafa practitioners. Treating Dafa kindly and supporting and helping Dafa is the right choice for you.