(Clearwisdom.net) "G" is one of the most inhumane forced labor camps in a certain province of Mainland China. In August 2001, a group of unwavering Dafa practitioners was transferred from D Labor Camp to G Labor Camp for more severe persecution. Dafa practitioners held true to their beliefs and continued to protect the Fa with righteous thoughts even in the most evil environment. Their acts were truly inspiring.

Below are a few short stories that I know of. In order to avoid further persecution, pseudonyms are used.


Dafa practitioners being detained in G Labor Camp were separated into two groups, with ten practitioners in one room. There is no concept of human rights in the labor camp - only coercion, persecution, and maltreatment. The food there consists millet buds and congee that were often moldy and deteriorated.

Through discussion, Dafa practitioners realized that we must rectify this environment. One practitioner took the lead and used the hand gesture (erecting one's right hand in front of one's chest) for sending forth righteous thoughts. Some practitioners thought the hand gesture was necessary, while others thought the form is not important, and that sending forth righteous thoughts in the heart is enough. Therefore, on that day, not everybody used the hand gesture while sending forth righteous thoughts. When practitioners were arguing about this, an inmate who had a little understanding of Dafa said, "You always say that all of you are one body, but when you encounter a real situation, you are not acting as one body. If you are going to use the hand gesture, do it together. This way they (referring to the prison guards) will not just target some individuals. After a while they may get used to your sending forth righteous thoughts and even accept it." He also said, "I hope to see you conquering the evil bit by bit over the next three to four months. Even if you cannot totally achieve this goal, you can still prove to the guards that you are different from ordinary people."

Practitioners decided that they would all use the hand gesture when sending forth righteous thoughts together at 9:00 p.m. that night. At around 8:30 p.m., labor camp Director Liu and a guard suddenly came with torches to carry out an inspection. There was discussion again whether or not we should send forth righteous thoughts as planned. One practitioner said firmly, "When we are not doing Fa rectification, nothing happens; when we are going to rectify the Fa, there would be obstacles and interference. We therefore must do it, for this is also saving sentient beings."

At 9:00 p.m., ten practitioners in one room sent forth righteous thoughts together while holding up their palms. This was the first time the practitioners in G Labor Camp sent forth righteous thoughts together. One inmate immediately reported it, and Director Liu and Song and others quickly appeared at the window. They observed outside for about 2 minutes before entering. Song tried to stop everybody, "Can't you stop this?!" He repeated three times. They looked so small in the middle of the room, whereas practitioners felt majestic, serene, and gigantic. In that atmosphere, what they said seemed to have lost strength. That night, Dafa practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts for a full five minutes, making a good start.

But on the next day, Director Liu applied pressure to the guards, saying that if they could not control the practitioners, they would lose their jobs. Guards started to "talk" to the practitioners one by one for a whole day, trying to persuade them not to do the hand gesture. Practitioners refused. The authorities said that if this continued, there would be retaliation from the labor camp. At 9:00 p.m. that night, practitioners held up their palms together again to send forth righteous thoughts. The guards brought in a group of criminals. After much effort, they managed to handcuff practitioners' hands behind their backs. Practitioners were taken upstairs into ten separate rooms, each monitored by two inmates.

They denied practitioners sleep, trying to brainwash them for two days nonstop. Practitioners resisted with a hunger strike while explaining Dafa to them with compassion, telling them the heavenly principle that good and evil will be rewarded accordingly. No matter what the guards said, or even when the guards threatened them with fully charged electric baton that made sparks and frightening sounds to create a nervous atmosphere, practitioners were not deluded and kept explaining Dafa to them with righteous thoughts.

Seeing that practitioners would not be threatened, the labor camp changed tactics to say that as long as the practitioners did not practice the exercises, other restrictions could be negotiable. In the days that followed, the director mobilized the whole troop of guards and all the deputy directors to work on the practitioners. In the end, when they saw that the practitioners' minds could not be changed, they threatened, "Do not think we are afraid of you because how you behaved in D Labor Camp. Dare you think you can do the exercises here?! You definitely would not be able to keep this battle line." One practitioner answered, "No matter how hard you try you will lose in the end, because we are Dafa disciples." They went quiet and their facial expressions were that of astonishment and disbelief. One guard said, "If your Dafa is the truth, through your explanation I might believe Dafa is good in the future. Conversely, those who believe in Dafa now might turn to the opposite." One practitioner responded, "The second case will never happen." That night, two Dafa practitioners were locked into small cells, and they protested the treatment with hunger strikes.

Ten Dafa practitioners from another cell knew about the situation, so they held a group hunger strike the next day to request the reunion of the ten practitioners that were being separately detained. Their hearts were united. Through this action, the ten practitioners were soon moved back to their original cell. The officials did not anticipate that the practitioners' hearts could be so united.

This action shocked and frightened the G Forced Labor Camp and even the criminals were astonished. They said, "The Party have always manipulated us at their own will, but they failed to do so when it comes to you." Thereafter, the team leader became very willing to chat with Dafa practitioners, and some other criminals have also started to explore more about Dafa and have started to study the Fa together with practitioners.


Not long after, the camp separated the more steadfast Dafa practitioners and sent them to various external teams to do hard labor. One morning while Dafa practitioners were still asleep, some criminals came. Each pair of criminals forcibly handcuffed a practitioner and forced them onto the ground, where they were then forced to form two lines and squat down. Those who opposed were viciously beaten according to orders given by the director and the guards. At that time, most Dafa practitioners did not have their clothes on. They were only in their underwear, and some were barefoot.

Some Dafa practitioners were sent to M Brick Wall External Labor Team. It is a very evil place. Before Dafa practitioners were sent to this place, there were some criminals who committed suicide because they could not endure the totally inhuman, intense labor and the torture by other criminals. Sometimes a newly arrived criminal is tortured to death or runs away from the place on the first day.

A Dafa practitioner was on hunger strike 4 days before going to the M Brick Wall External Labor Team. After arriving, the practitioner continued the hunger strike for another one and a half months. During that time, the team force-fed the practitioner, but the practitioner was determined not to cooperate. It was said by a criminal, "He is really great; he told them with determination, 'You will sure fail to insert the tube into my nose. If you force feed me, I will oppose until I run out of strength at last.' The team leader begged him, 'Could you please cooperate?' Yet he still did not cooperate; the outcome was that the tube was unable to be inserted and the food was unable to be fed. Therefore, about 7-8 criminals pressed hard on his legs and injected a bit of glucose into his veins."

Another Dafa practitioner who was on hunger strike was of the medical profession, so he told them the danger of the situation, and that they must be fully responsible for the consequences. In the end they did not force-feed this practitioner.

There was even a Dafa practitioner who influenced the police through his efforts so much that the police made improvements to their meals. In the end the practitioners were even allowed to practice the exercises.


Dafa practitioners who stayed in the Main Building in the camp were forced to walk, to "study" the so-called political texts and watch the news. Once during a study session, a criminal read a sentence that slandered Dafa. A Dafa practitioner immediately told the team leader that he must stop reading. Because the power of Dafa practitioners' righteous thoughts can transcend the everyday human dimension, no one ever read that sentence again.

A couple of Dafa practitioners were locked into small cells because they refused to cooperate with the evil.

A criminal with the surname of Sun often slandered and beat Dafa practitioners, and even intentionally tortured Dafa practitioners who were locked in the small cells. Two Dafa practitioners who strongly requested the release of Dafa practitioners confined in the small cells went on a hunger strike for 8 days. Dafa practitioners in the small cells said that they would not come out unless Sun was punished. At the end, the camp punished Sun and released the Dafa practitioners from the small cells, and only then did the two practitioners stop their hunger strike.

Once when a Dafa practitioner double-crossed his legs and erected his palm to send forth righteous thoughts in the front yard of the labor camp, four criminals went up to try to pull his legs down by force. They even lifted him up in the air, yet he still maintained his original position and gesture. A criminal said, "It is as if his legs are frozen; they cannot be pulled down regardless of how much effort is being put in."

There are many more stories about the determination of Dafa practitioners who are unshaken like diamond. We hope more people who know the details of this situation will come forward to tell their stories.