April 19, 2002

(Clearwisdom.net) On December 24, 2001, I finally stepped onto Tiananmen Square and fulfilled the solemn pledge I made during a prehistoric time long ago.

In the past, I failed to step out to validate the Fa because of the attachment of fear. Through deep study of the Fa, I felt more and more the importance of a Dafa disciple's responsibility. Assisting the Teacher in the Fa rectification is the sacred duty of every disciple. We cannot say we are cultivating according to "Zhen, Shan, Ren" if we fail to do it. With my righteous thoughts more and more intensified, the previous attachment of fear disappeared.

However, a tribulation came after I had set the date to go to Beijing. Three days before I planned to go, my family suddenly faced an unprecedented hardship. My wife and I are goat herders in a mountainous area. My wife, who is a non-cultivator, would take care of the goats alone and carry water 3-4 times everyday from a distance away after I left, although she had never had to do it alone before because she grew up in town. She suddenly fell ill with a high fever and pain all over her body. But she insisted on abstaining from medical drugs, intending to suffer from possible tribulations in my future journey. I was clear that the evil was trying to deter me from going to Beijing by causing the illness to my wife.

On December 22, I asked her to take good care of her health. I was sleepless that night, and my main consciousness was extremely strong so that it conquered all the interference in my mind. I found that I didn't have any other thoughts when I was sending forth righteous thoughts at 5 o'clock, as well as 6 and 7 o'clock, in the morning. It was the first time during my several years of cultivation that my mind was so pure. When she got up, my wife had completely recovered from the illness. After I got back from herding the goats, I told her that I would go to Beijing in the evening. My wife wept in silence. I talked with her for 20 minutes and went out to herd the goats again. Upon returning home, I found that my wife had prepared my clothing for the journey and put 250 Yuan, our only savings, into my pocket. It was the fare for my journey to Beijing and back home.

My heart was extremely calm when I left my home at 7:30 pm. I arrived in Beijing at 8:30 am, December 24, and took the bus to Tiananmen Square. Before this day, Teacher had reminded me in a dream that there would not be any real danger on the journey. I didn't think too much about the dream in order to maintain strong, righteous thoughts in my mind.

Tiananmen Square was full of police vehicles when I arrived. Tourists were few. I went directly to the Tiananmen gate tower, seeing a few foreign tourists. I went up and opened the banner and shouted the words in my heart, hoping they would send the message of the persecution of Falun Gong all over the world. Three policemen on the bridge (near the gate) came to besiege me at the same time, but I was not afraid at all. I held up the banner and walked up to them. When they approached, I wanted to freeze them and said, "Don't move!" but it did not take effect.

At that moment my attachment of fear came up and I was quite at a loss. Two policemen caught my hands together, but I could feel they were as weak as children. When I struggled, I could get out of their hold. Then the other policeman punched me in the face, causing my nose to bleed. Being afraid that I would receive more attacks, I lost the opportunity to escape. When I was brought down on the bridge, I saw over 10 policemen standing there. It was just the "ruin" I dreamed of before. I would have been able to rush out of the "ruin," had I looked upon myself as one of Gods. On the contrary, however, I treated myself as an ordinary human being at that time and, due to the attachment of fear, I co-operated, when they forced me to go up their vehicle, to take a photo, and to be searched all over my body. In the Tiananmen sub-police bureau, the police searched out a used monthly bus ticket, from which they could determine where I was from. But they returned it to me immediately. Together with all other practitioners imprisoned there, I sent forth righteous thoughts to make the policemen lose their memories. As a result, they did forget all the information they obtained from searching my belongings. When I exchanged views on cultivation with a female practitioner who was caught at almost the same time as I was, I acquired a lot of enlightenment on many issues.

After nine in the evening, police sent eighteen practitioners who had been arrested during the day to a detention center. Along the road, we shouted loudly "Falun Dafa is good." Because police feared that pedestrians might hear us, they shut the vehicle's windows tightly. Outside the urban district, a wicked officer simultaneously opened two windows so that the cold wind would blow on us. The wind was very strong because of the high vehicle speed. If someone asked him to close the windows, he would not close them. I raised my one hand. When my hand became upright, I felt my forehead flesh gathering and protruding outward. I thought in my heart: Close the windows at once. One policeman closed the windows immediately.

We arrived at the detention center. Police took the practitioners off one by one. The female practitioner mentioned earlier would not get off. At last, she was lifted out by several police. In the vehicle, there was just one policeman and myself left. He wanted to drag me out of the vehicle. My two hands held the guardrail and I would not release it. Then another officer tried to drag me at the same time. I just did not let go. They broke my little finger. I put forth strength slightly but they pulled me away and handcuffed me, but I almost snatched the handcuff. Police used the handcuffs to beat me then, but I did not feel pain when they beat me on my body. At this time, several more policemen came here and tried to lift me off. I went all out to struggle. At the same time I did not stop shouting loudly that Falun Dafa is good. I only weigh 55 kilograms, but they could not lift me. Then they started to beat me. I was clamped in the corridor where 4 or 5 policeman sprang at me from each side. At that time I only had one thought in my heart: Even if there was only one breath left in me, I would resist to the last. Although it was dark and I was unable to see, I seemed to know where they would beat me. I was able to keep away any part they beat and did not feel pain. Just as the Teacher said, When you try to ward off someone's attack, the gong will be there already. No matter how quickly you throw a punch, it will travel faster than you do as the time concepts are different on the two sides." (Zhuan Falun) Two wicked police officers simultaneously stepped on my arms and tried to handcuff me. I put forth strength slightly to take my arms back. One of them stood right up on top of my body. When I turned, he got down. Finally one cruel officer maliciously kicked my chest. I felt congested. He kicked me a second time right after the first one. I stretched out my hand to block his kick. At this time, the policemen at the sides were fixed simultaneously. It must be that Teacher had helped me. All the police did not move an inch to look at me. I ordered them to get off, but they still couldn't move. After a while, a policeman got on the vehicle and dragged me up. After I was dragged off the vehicle, the police wanted to throw me down. I was not thrown down after several rounds. Other police laughed. Later on, I fell down myself. Two more police came over and each one held my one hand to drag me into the entrance of the detention center. (I enlightened that Teacher wanted other practitioners to see that Dafa practitioners cannot walk into the detention center themselves.)

At that time the female practitioner who had been lifted up there and I were released unconditionally. When we arrived at the north station of Changping, it was already late at night. This was the first time I had been to Beijing. I did not know where I should go. Someone told me how to change to a bus. I felt more and more pain in my chest where I had been trampled. I needed to walk around 100 meters to get to the next bus. As I was trudging along with difficulty, a middle-aged woman pulled me out from the crowd and pushed the handcart to carry me over there. On the coach bus, I heard Teacher's voice in my ears saying something like Dafa practitioners needed to break the spatial gap to work...and also... Lay down everyday people's notions (general concept). I only remembered two sentences. Afterwards, a 2-foot white stick appeared between my hands. When my hands exerted strength, it shrunk to 2-inches in length. The sleeping berth was very short and my legs couldn't stretch out. When my legs stretched out, my shanks entered another space. It was neither cold nor hot. I slept several hours in this condition. After I woke up, I enlightened to something that hinted to me the reason I did not do well at Tiananmen. The Police were very ruthless on the surface, but in another space, they are nothing. Do not be confused by mere appearances. I wrote this experience in the hope it has some benefit for practitioners who have an attachment to fear and still have not stepped out from being merely human. So long as our hearts are in the Fa, all events are arranged by Teacher.

Let's not keep the Teacher waiting any longer.