Edited on April 22, 2002


Overseas Dafa Practitioner A: We Cannot Hold on to Any Human Attachment

Today we sent forth our righteous thoughts as a group. I felt sharp pain in my legs several times, and there were also a few interfering phone calls. I knew the last resort of the evil was to delay us. The supply of energy to the head of the evil that they tried to sustain had been blocked, and it was finished. The only way that the evil could alleviate this was to interfere with practitioners' sending forth righteous thoughts, hoping to continue resistance after the head of the evil returned to its lair.

We should break through the old forces' arrangements. Pain and phone calls are forms of interference. However, no matter how painful I felt, I could always focus my energy on the head of the evil. The more peaceful my mind was, the more powerful my benevolent righteous thoughts were.

I heard that after sending forth righteous thoughts, some practitioners went to look at the Internet to see if the head of the evil had died or not. I think that at this time we should not hold on to any human attachment. To send forth righteous thoughts and to be compassionate to all sentient beings are the things that Dafa disciples should do.

Dafa Practitioner B: Look Within and Try to Eliminate Things That Are Not Righteous As Soon As Possible

Some fellow practitioners that I have met judge other practitioners and defend themselves to different extents according to some words of Master Li in Zhuan Falun or some other articles. Their attachments of contentiousness, showing-off and material gain are relatively obvious. If we cannot demonstrate genuine compassion but have bad thoughts when our fellow practitioners have different opinions or when our shortcomings are exposed, then such a state of mind would be easily made use of by the evil and the power of our righteous thoughts will also be greatly limited. In fact, such an impure state itself is also a manifestation of being interfered with and conforming to the evil's arrangements.

Some other practitioners don't have a clear understanding of the ploys of the evil. They don't try to the greatest extent to not cooperate with the evil and tend to deal with these issues in simplified and formalized ways or go to extremes. The old forces had been using these as their excuses to continue their so-called "test." The old evil forces only follow the old principles. It is useless if you can only say to them, "You should not be attached to that principle and you could not treat us in this way." However, if we, as a whole body, can become more and more mature in cultivation and Fa-rectification, the evil will disappear by itself.

Oversea Practitioner C: Rectify Our Own "Attachment"

Sometimes it seems to be hard to eliminate a cultivator's "attachment." When you feel that this attachment is gone, suddenly one day it emerges again, maybe stronger, and directly interferes with Fa-study, practicing the exercises and sending forth righteous thoughts. Therefore, I realize that the evil is using these attachments as a shield. If cultivators then put all their thoughts into just eliminating these attachments, however, we have fallen into the evils' trap. When sending forth righteous thoughts, we should not only eliminate the attachments that are made use of by the evil, we should also eliminate the evil itself.

Dafa Practitioner D in Mainland China: The Evil's Lair Is in Beijing

The head of the evil's nest is in Beijing and so is the center of the evil. If all Dafa practitioners in Beijing, including Beijing practitioners and practitioners coming to Beijing from other cities could simultaneously and frequently send forth righteous thoughts against the head of the evil, it will not have any chance to survive for much longer.

It is in fact not a difficult thing to send forth righteous thoughts in close proximity to the head of the evil. Even if we cannot be as close to it as face-to-face, we practitioners in Beijing can still send forth righteous thoughts from "a short distance." The head of the evil likes to show off and it will show up whenever there is a chance to be in limelight. Therefore wherever it goes, there will be Dafa practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts against it within a short distance. How long can the head of the evil still survive then?

The purpose of eliminating the evil is to offer salvation to all beings. In this unprecedented persecution, countless beings are poisoned by rumors. Lives in the human world that correspond to the kings and lords in different levels of the cosmos are waiting for Dafa disciples to save them. Those who still hold a negative attitude against Dafa are facing an extremely dangerous situation. When Dafa rectifies the human world, they will be eliminated. Their existence and extinction is not an issue of merely one individual, but corresponds to a huge heavenly bodies and countless beings. It is worthwhile no matter how much practitioners have to endure and how much pain we need to suffer.

Life is precious. In order to save all sentient beings in the cosmos, Master Li has boundlessly endured on our behalf, which is impossible to endure or even imagine for any being in the cosmos. It is an incomparably sacred and solemn thing for us, as Master Li's disciples, to be able to follow Master Li to complete all of this. Let us Dafa disciples continue to clarify the truth more deeply and save more beings, as well as maintaining righteous thoughts at all times.

Beijing Dafa disciple E: This Is Just a Beginning

I would like to introduce our study group's situation concerning sending forth righteous thoughts.

We changed habits that we have formed for decades. We changed from sleeping for several hours in a row at night to sleeping several times. In the interval between sending forth righteous thoughts, if we have enough time, we also arrange Fa-study and practicing the exercises. This is lethal to the evil that we are trying to eliminate. We won't give the evil any space to hide or a chance to gasp for breath.

In addition, my personal understanding is that we need to be clear on what we want to do and thus be incomparably firm when sending forth righteous thoughts. At the same time, we should not expect too strongly that something would definitely happen on the surface. We could just try to make the righteous thoughts we send purer and firmer by increasing the frequency of sending forth righteous thoughts, studying the Fa and looking within.

Our sending forth righteous thoughts at the top of every hour doesn't have a deadline and doesn't have any condition that is measured with human attachments. Let's send forth the most pure and steadfast righteous thoughts.