Teacher said in The North America Lecture Tour, "As Dafa disciples, regardless of which category one belongs to, if everyone has been able to do well, then this persecution would have ended a long time ago."

I came to realize that it was a hint given to us by Teacher for our improvement. My understanding is that there are practitioners that didn't do well within all of those categories. Even those practitioners that generally did well were lacking in some respect.

What Teacher said in another article made it totally clear, "It's just that right now the old evil forces think that Dafa disciples have not yet been completely tempered and become mature, and need to be tempered further, and they think that they still need to keep up the evil. Of course, the old evil forces want to do this, but I don't recognize these things one bit." (From Fa-Lecture at the Conference in Florida, U.S.A.)

The current situation is that we have not yet been completely tempered and grown mature in our cultivation. The old evil forces shouldn't take this as an excuse to keep testing us, but we really need to mature as quickly as possible during our Fa-rectification cultivation.

Teacher said in the Coercion Cannot Change People's Hearts, "And in this persecution, the world's people will see more clearly everything the evil has done; Dafa disciples will become more rational and more clearheaded, and, with determination and maturation in cultivation, move towards magnificent Consummation."

I can feel fellow practitioners' true determination when I read their articles or when I work with them, yet recently we had conflicts and misunderstandings among us. We have encountered a lot of interference. We were unintentionally showing off, and we were not so serious with the Dafa work, which was carried over from our ordinary society's work. Sometimes we were naive with what we were doing. In addition, we only recently started to pay special attention to sending forth righteous thoughts as one body and concentrating our righteous thoughts on eliminating the demons controlling the head of the evil. Therefore, I feel that we really are not mature enough in our Fa-rectification cultivation.

I think that currently nothing should qualify as an excuse for the evil to persecute us. We are cultivating in a practice where the Fa will automatically cultivate the practitioners. We are bound to remove our shortcomings through following the practice. We will perfect ourselves and reach Consummation, and we have Teacher to watch over us. So the most important thing in the current stage is that we should not leave any excuse for the evil to be kept alive. We must become mature based on the Fa.

Just as Teacher said, "Past lessons should have made you more mature." (From Towards Consummation) During any conflict, we should look inside. Then we can find something that we can improve ourselves on. In this way, we will be able to act as a whole and mature more quickly.