April 18, 2002

(Clearwisdom.net) On the afternoon of December 4, 2001, vicious policemen Huang Shanzhi and Mao Shunde in Jinlin Province's Tonghua Forced Labor Camp vented their demon nature after they had been drinking. Huang Shanzhi was unsteady on his feet and was shaking. He said while taking off his police uniform, "I would rather take off the police uniform and lose my job, but I must deal with you." He then ordered the guards to bring the "lethal" weapon and kept brutally beating a Falun Gong practitioner named Mr. Wang for over 40 minutes. The guard disclosed Mr. Wang's head sustained a cut of over 2 Cun [7 centimeters, about 3 inches, 1 meter equals 30 Cun] and his blood was all over the ground. Mr. Wang was not sent to the hospital until his life was in danger, and until today his condition is still unknown. It was said by insiders that this beating was a case of retaliation, because the victim had been beaten before and had written materials to expose the violent abuses and mistreatments in the labor camp.

At about 4:30 p.m. on October 11, 2001 at Tonghua Forced Labor Camp, Zhang Ping, Deputy Director of Tonghua City's Judicatory Bureau and also the chief of the forced labor camp took the lead to beat Dafa practitioners. In order to resist this illegal behavior, all Falun Gong practitioners together requested that Chief Zhang Ping realize that his deed was wrong and asked him to assure everyone that such things would not happen again. But Zhang Ping not only failed to take the right attitude to handle this, he resorted to trickery instead. Realizing it was impossible to reason with him, Dafa practitioners decided to stage a hunger strike to protest against the abuses. Zhang did not pay attention and acted instead as if human life was not worth a straw. He ordered the force-feeding of practitioners, and at the same time sent Political Commissar Li to "coordinate," meaning to cheat and lie.

Some practitioners were bleeding from their esophagus, stomach and throat during the force-feeding when the tube was forcefully inserted. Some practitioners vomited blood and some had blood in their stools. Cruel policeman Mao Shunde boasted, "I just don't believe that I can't stop your not eating." The director of the administration office said to the practitioners arrogantly, "Don't mention about your having blood in your stool! Even if you urinate blood, no one will care! Even you die, the Party will still cremate your body!" In spite of the extreme painful force-feeding, the dirty speeches and vicious behavior of the policemen and the corrupt officials, Falun Gong practitioners persisted in their belief.

This vicious policeman, Mao Shunde, beat two Dafa practitioners again on October 22, 2001, and kept on shouting repeatedly during the abuse, "Policemen are like doctors, teachers and parents, so I must beat you up!"

Because several Falun Gong practitioners were bleeding internally and often vomited blood and had blood in their stool, on December 2, 2001, practitioner Mr. Wang asked to go to hospital for an examination and treatment, and wrote a memo exposing Mao Shunde's illegal beatings of Dafa practitioners. This righteous behavior brought about the dissatisfaction of Mao Shunde and Huang Shanzhi, who was the No.2 Division chief responsible for Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Wang.

On the afternoon of December 4, team leader Huang Shanzhi and thug Mao Shunde were reminded about this after drinking. They conspired to retaliate against the practitioner. That's why the criminal incident where Mr. Wang was severely beaten happened as described above.