(Clearwisdom.net) Illegally extorted "deposits" were returned to some Falun Dafa practitioners after they made a request to the local administrative office in a dignified and upright manner.

Before the Spring Festival of 2001, the local administrative office illegally detained many Falun Dafa practitioners for brainwashing and tried to coerce them into writing the "guarantee" statement to renounce Falun Gong, making their release contingent on submitting these items. The Falun Dafa practitioners refused to cooperate with the evil forces, and went on a hunger strike to protest their illegal detention and persecution. The officials gave up the requirement for a "guarantee" statement, but still tried to extort a "deposit" from the practitioners, which they promised would be refunded one year later. Because the family members did not want the practitioners to be persecuted any more, they paid the illegal "deposit," which ranged from 1,000 Yuan, to 2000 Yuan RMB (The average monthly salary of an urban worker is 500 Yuan.)

The "deposit" was supposed to expire in March 2002, but the officials had no intention of refunding the money. The persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners by Jiang's gang of scoundrels follows no laws, and since the "deposit" was illegal in the first place, the Falun Dafa practitioners had little hope of seeing any deposits returned. When the practitioners began discussing the "deposit," some practitioners had different opinions on how to approach the authorities. Someone said, "What they promised has no credibility. Don't expect to get the money back once you have given it." Another practitioner said, "We may try it." Another individual was worried that additional trouble would be encountered when he attempted to get the "deposit" back in person. But some of the Falun Dafa practitioners realized that this was the persecution by the evil forces and they should get it back in a dignified and upright manner, instead of handling the issue with the thoughts and notions of everyday people. In addition, it would provide an opportunity to clarify the truth to the staff at the local administrative offices, and the righteous thoughts of Falun Dafa practitioners would be powerful, so they would surely get their "deposit" back.

After much discussion, a Falun Dafa practitioner went to the local administrative office. He addressed the person in charge and made his wishes clear. One supervising official agreed to return the money, but another one refused and deliberately created obstacles. So the practitioner took advantage of the opportunity to further clarify the truth to them. In this same righteous and dignified manner he returned four or five times to talk with them. Eventually, they returned the illegally extorted "deposit." Realizing what they were supposed to do, the other practitioners utilized a similar righteous, dignified approach and also had their money returned to them.

Some fellow practitioners were surprised after hearing this. It was unimaginable that after the severe persecution, the practitioners were able to get the illegal "deposit" back in a dignified and upright manner. The Falun Dafa practitioners clearly felt the power of our righteous thoughts through what happened. Thus we realized that we should completely change the notions that are based on everyday people and shouldn't be interfered with or restricted by our own "imagination." We are initiating the glorious future. Teacher said "...But now Falun Gong students dare to go see the persons directly responsible for the persecution, and they dare to go directly see people of different ranks. 'You're persecuting me, so I came to tell you about the truth.' Dafa disciples have even rectified the Fa considerably in large areas, in many areas... " (from the Fa-Lecture at the Conference in Florida, U.S.A.)

The Dafa practitioners offered compassionate salvation to those beings that didn't know the truth in the process of getting their money back. On the other hand, lots of practitioners have been illegally fired and forced to become homeless in order to escape the persecution. They survive on a diet of only pickles, some steamed buns and cold water each day.

Practitioners are trying their best to earn and save money for making Falun Dafa truth-clarifying materials. The old forces created economic difficulties, so how can we give tacit consent to any persecution by the old forces? Getting the "deposit" back also broke up the arrangement of the old evil forces that wanted to create economic difficulties for Falun Dafa practitioners.

Let's send forth righteous thoughts together to break apart all of the evil intentions by Jiang and Luo's gang of scoundrels, including their attempts to bankrupt practitioners. Let's initiate the future of the new cosmos and walk the most righteous path!