Written on 4/17/02

(Clearwisdom.net) Zhang Yuxia, a female Falun Dafa practitioner and former policewoman at the Second Forced Labor Camp in Gansu Province, was illegally detained in the First Station at Pingantai Forced Labor Camp. After one year of forced labor, she was released in May 2001, but in November 2001 she was once again abducted and detained at the Xiguoyuan Detention Center, where she was inhumanely tortured. To protest the persecution, she went on a hunger strike. Because the hunger strike put her on the verge of death, the perpetrators employed delay tactics, by first setting her free, and then abducting her again about ten days later. They detained her in the Fourth Squadron of the First Station in the Pingantai Forced Labor Camp, where they tortured her continuously. She was forced to endure severe torture, such as being handcuffed and hung up [both hands cuffed, both feet dangling above the ground by more than one meter, and hung onto a support beam with handcuffs. The hands and arms soon become numb.] The police instigated additional abuse by inciting the criminal prisoners to participate in the torture. She was severely beaten day and night by more than ten drug addicts.

Tan Xiaorong, a female graduate student in a Ph.D. program studying human physiology at Lanzhou University, is being illegally detained in the First Squad of the Third Squadron in the Pingantai Forced Labor Camp.

Tian Juhong, a female technician at Lanzhou Brewery, is illegally detained in the Third Squad of the Third Squadron in Pingantai Forced Labor Camp. The vicious authorities cuffed and hung her for several days.

When the abusers beat Tan Xiaorong and other Falun Dafa practitioners, their cries echoed throughout Pingantai Forced Labor Camp and could be heard at the farthest edges of the camp even deep into the night.

The perpetrators in Pingantai Forced Labor Camp, Gansu Province are as follows:

The Administration Section Chief: Dai;

Group Leader: Dai Wenqin (Dai's younger sister);

Group Political Instructor: Jing Xuefeng;

The First Squadron Leader: Wang Yali;

The First Squadron Political Instructor: Gu Yanling;

The Second Squadron Political Instructor: Hu;

The Third Squadron Leader: Li Xiaojing;

The Third Squadron Political Instructor: Liu;

Squad Leaders: Gao Tianli, Liu Sheng, Liu Yurong, Zhao Li.

The criminal prisoners who helped the vicious police were: Cheng Xiaohong, Wang Li, Ma Guilan, Li Hui, Wang Jianghong, Deng Xiaoqin, Chen Shuping, Sheng Yanju, Wang Lu, Chen Xihong, Wang Yuhong, Zhang Sumei, Zhang Hong, Rui Yuping, Gao Chunmei, Liu Xiaohong, Ma Hua, Wang Lihong, Masai Limai.