(Clearwisdom.net) Not long ago, my neighbor's 86-year-old mother moved in with them. She had to use crutches because of a leg problem. Her sons tried all means to find a cure for her legs, but were unsuccessful. She said she felt sharp pains in her legs while sleeping and did not even know how to position them in order to feel better.

I then went to introduce Dafa to the elderly lady and she showed interest. In just several days, she learned all the five sets of Dafa exercises. She was very diligent in practicing the exercises. She usually practiced the first four sets of exercises in the morning and the fifth exercise at night. She was illiterate so she listened to the Teacher's lectures on tape. She also asked her son to take the TV into her room because she wanted to learn the Fa undistracted. Thinking she might feel lonely, her sons and grandsons brought her all kinds of music tapes, but she said she did not need any of these since she was a practitioner now. After she learned Dafa, her health improved tremendously. She no longer needed the crutches and her leg problem went away. Her face glowed and she regained a fair complexion; she could even wash her own clothes. Seeing the changes in her, her sons were also very happy and her daughters-in-law also asked me to give them copies of the Dafa books.

One of the elderly lady's sons is a police chief. When some awful people turned in students who were distributing Dafa truth-clarification materials on the street, the police chief said, "Release all of them. They are so young. Wouldn't we destroy their futures if we jail them for several years? My mother is 86-years-old, and she is still practicing Falun Gong at home."

This is a true story.