(Clearwisdom.net) Invited by two professors of the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point, our Wisconsin practitioners went to the school on April 3 and April 18. We had the opportunity to introduce Falun Gong to the students in the class. These two professors both teach two classes, and there are a total of about 300 students in all 4 classes. We gave two seminars each time, and each seminar lasted about 75 minutes. The content included 5 themes: introduction to Falun Gong, the development of Falun Gong around the world, the persecution in China, voices of justice and Falun Gong in Wisconsin. During the seminar we gave a short exercise demo, and at the end we answered questions from the students. The effect was very good.

During the past three years, these two professors invited us almost every term to give introductory seminars about Falun Dafa to their students. One of the professors asked her students to browse Dafa websites beforehand, while the other professor played some Dafa truth-clarifying videos to his students in advance. Thus before the seminar the students already had a basic understanding of Dafa. The result of the seminars was very satisfactory. For example, in the recent seminar a student asked about the appeal of a California university student in Tiananmen Square.

What was especially surprising and made us happy was that during this term, one of the professors had included Falun Gong material in the course content and conducted an in-class quiz on Falun Gong. In his office, the professor said to us, "Several days ago, I gave a Falun Gong quiz." Then he passed a copy of the test to us. Although it only included some multiple-choice questions, such as "Who is the founder of Falun Gong?" "What is the fundamental principles of Falun Gong?" etc., but we understood that this was not just a simple test. It is clearly a foundation to lead the students to obtain the Fa in the future. The other professor also told us she would test her students' understanding of Falun Gong in future quizzes.

Our Dafa practitioners are also becoming more mature. Going from nervousness to relaxation, from a monotone seminar style to using multimedia presentation techniques, our presentation skills and demos have become better and better. We deeply felt that as long as we Dafa practitioners hold a peaceful and pure heart, the effect of Fa-promotion will be good.

April 21, 2002