(Clearwisdom.net) All Dafa practitioners who participated in the Fa-rectification in Germany know how precious time is and how precious these opportunities are. During those five days, we practiced the exercises and sent forth righteous thoughts around the clock. Many practitioners didn't close their eyes for several days straight, they sent forth righteous thoughts again and again to avoid giving the head evil any chance for survival.

In the first three nights in Berlin, a cold wind violently attacked practitioners and tried to destroy their determination, and the demon of exhaustion tried its best to interfere with our righteous thoughts, but all of which were in vain. Dafa practitioners were not moved even a bit as they raised their palms and directed powerful supernormal capabilities at the evil.

Dozens of practitioners that came from Taiwan wore dark blue jackets and sat neatly in the front rows. They quietly sat in the cold night and sent forth righteous thoughts over and over again. In the morning, we were all touched when we saw their calm faces.

Several new German practitioners sat outside with all other practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts. At 6 a.m. the next day, they slept a little in the home of a practitioner in Berlin, and two hours later they joined in the activities for the second day.

A tall, young Russian practitioner often raised his palm in front of his chest and quietly stood on the side of the street. It was as if the world did not exist anymore, only boundless righteous thoughts penetrated time, space and the countless cosmoses. This Russian practitioner could always be seen where the head evil was. He came to Germany with seven other practitioners after spending more than 40 hours on a bus, in order to take part in this historic mission of Fa-rectification.

As our activities entered the fourth day, although many practitioners did not have the chance to sleep for several days, we didn't miss any chance to send close-up righteous thoughts. One day at midnight, we returned to a hall used as a resting place to study the Fa and exchange experiences. We read all of Teacher's articles again on sending forth righteous thoughts and through sharing experiences we realized more clearly the urgency to eliminate the evil. We also realized that that night was the last opportunity to send close-up righteous thoughts. We must grasp the opportunity. Many practitioners would rather not sleep in order to get close to the hotel where Jiang stayed to send forth righteous thoughts. "Dafa gave us everything. Why shouldn't we give everything we have to Dafa? Use all that we have to eliminate the evil." An American practitioner's words got an approving applause from all of us. Therefore, dozens of practitioners went close to the hotel to send forth righteous thoughts. It was 2 a.m.

The chief evil spent his last night in Wolfsburg, when many of us gave up sleep and sent righteous thoughts as a group. Several cars took practitioners and drove directly to the parking lot closest to the hotel. Many other practitioners sat on the cold ground in shivering wind and sent forth righteous thoughts over and over toward the hotel. The demon of sleepiness interfered with practitioners repeatedly. Some practitioners took a short break because they didn't want to use too much time and continued to send forth righteous thoughts. The cold wind attacked the practitioners, so they stood up and did exercises before they went on to send forth righteous thoughts again.

By dawn, we learned that Jiang was going to the Airport in Hanover to leave Germany. The police used a helicopter to investigate us. When our cars were found by the police, they immediately asked us to leave. We didn't know where Jiang's motorcade was going, so we drove toward Hanover. On our way, dark clouds rolled in the sky and the sky was very dark. We decided that this was the path the head evil must be taking, so we never stopped sending forth righteous thoughts on our way.

April 20, 2002