Because of Jiang's visit to Germany, many police had been relocated to those cities where he was going to visit. Since Jiang was very scared to run into Falun Gong practitioners, the police, yielding to the orders from higher authorities, took "precautions" against Falun Gong during his stay in Germany. Yet, because of their orders, they were able to witness the kindness and sincerity of Dafa practitioners first hand. Whenever practitioners met these policemen by chance, they would offer them truth-clarifying literature explaining the current situation of Falun Gong in China. Doing so eliminated many of the policemen's hostile attitudes towards practitioners immediately. Not only that, many were so moved that they changed their opinions and instead showed support for Dafa!

Practitioners waited at all entrances and exits where Jiang was going to go through, either holding hand positions, sending forth righteous thoughts, or trying their best to stand in the most noticeable position. They displayed banners and also shouted statements of principle. A policeman found a practitioner carrying a large banner in his pocket, so he went over to ask him gently, "What is written on this banner?" "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance," he replied in German. The policeman said, "Very good. You may stand over there so that Jiang will be able to see your banner." When Jiang's motorcade came over, the practitioner opened up his banner. The policeman later told him that Jiang had seen his banner.

On a separate occasion, two practitioners discovered that a few main streets were under heavy guard. They guessed that Jiang's motorcade would go through a smaller road nearby, away from the main streets. So they walked that way and waited for Jiang's arrival. The police pretended not to see them, and as expected, Jiang's motorcade came by. One practitioner rapidly unfurled a banner while another practitioner sent forth righteous thoughts. After Jiang passed, the practitioner discovered a policeman standing nearby, holding the same hand position as him!

Another day, practitioners got word that Jiang was going to have dinner in a Bank, so they went to an intersection to waiting for him. But when the expected time had passed, they did not see his motorcade passing by. They learned that it was because his motorcade had taken a detour road in order to avoid running into practitioners. So more practitioners walked to all of the intersections where it was suspected Jiang might pass through. Suddenly, the police barricaded one intersection and almost all practitioners were kept about 10 meters away from there, making it impossible to display their banners to Jiang's motorcade. Only one practitioner was left beside the road. As Jiang's motorcade came near, this practitioner had no idea what he should do. But at the last moment, a policeman came over and shouted to him, "Hurry up! Say something! Say something!" Suddenly, he realized what he could do. He exerted all of his strength, and shouted to the nearby motorcade, "Falun Dafa is good! Falun Dafa is good!" The policeman held up his thumb to him in admiration.

The security became stricter day by day. In front of a hotel in Dresden, practitioners were forced backward by police (who had formed a cordon 'wall') until they were kept about 100 meters away from the entrance where Jiang was going to come out. Practitioners loudly sang the song "Falun Dafa Hao"(Falun Dafa is good) while they were stepping backward. Their sound was so powerful that people around were deeply moved. Practitioners also gave truth-clarifying literature to the police standing in the front row of the cordon 'wall', kindly explaining why they were there. As one practitioner handed literature to a policewoman, she seemed to want to say something, but she was unable to speak as she was choked with emotion. The practitioner noticed her eyes were filled with tears.

April 15, 2002