March 6th was "Falun Dafa Day" in the Jinchang District of Gansu Province. Dafa practitioners in Yongchang County hung more than 70 Dafa banners and some 1,500 Dafa posters throughout the city. Afterwards, the local police abducted Dafa practitioners on a large-scale.

On March 6th, two practitioners were arrested, and at noon the village areas also started to arrest practitioners. From March 7th to 11th, the police illegally arrested over 30 practitioners, including around 20 from Jiaojiazhuang Village. Several Dafa practitioners were brutally beaten in the county detention center. Practitioner Xiao Qin went on hunger strike to protest, and the evil policemen from the detention center inhumanly poured boiling porridge into his mouth. Some practitioners saw that Xiao Qin's mother's legs were crippled from the beating. A sixty-year-old practitioner, Lao Hu, lost consciousness after being beaten by the policemen, who poured cold water on him to wake him up. Afterwards, they put shackles on his feet.

Liu Fuhai is the police department head in Yongchang County. He has done many evil things throughout his life. During his work with the county police department, he ordered his subordinates to steal sheep. In the spring of 2000, Liu Fuhai was promoted to police department head.

Dafa practitioner Zhang Yanrong went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa and was forcefully returned. Liu Fuhai ferociously shouted, "I will break up your family and kill your family members!" Eventually this practitioner was sentenced to two years in a labor camp and his fish pond was destroyed because no one could take care of it. His car was also taken away and his belongings were confiscated. His wife was unlawfully arrested and imprisoned many times for her cultivation practice. Zhang's son didn't cultivate but instead, received a disciplinary warning from Liu Fuhai. He was also not allowed to go to school.

Dafa practitioner Song Caiying was kidnapped by the Police Department of Yongchang County for pasting Dafa flyers in Hexipu (Yongchang County) in early October, 2001. Liu attempted to extort her family out of 10,000 Yuan (Chinese Currency) and was refused. Because of this, Liu wanted to sentence this practitioner to three years' of forced-labor. However, even the forced-labor committee in Jinchang City felt he went too far and, thus, didn't permit it. Afterwards, Liu tried all means to talk to different officials. His scheme succeeded in February of 2002, when the practitioner, Song, was illegally sent a labor camp for one year.

In mid-March, 2002, two policemen from the Jiaojiazhuang Township police station, along with two policemen from the county police department went to Hongmiaodong Village to arrest a 55-year-old man who had given up his practice. This old man said, "I have stopped practicing. Why do you arrest me?" The policemen said, "You were distributing flyers last night!" The village head happened to be there, and said, "Last night, we played cards together the whole evening so he couldn't have had a chance to distribute flyers. Aren't you telling lies?" The policemen answered, "We have received instructions from a higher authority: 'It is better to arrest three people by mistake than to let one practitioner go.'" Before they left, the policemen threatened this old man saying, "You have to follow the Party!"

The non-practitioners who were being held in the detention center could be released if their families paid 3,000 Yuan. Liu Fuhai and his accomplices took this chance to make money.


Written on April 7th, 2002