The Jiang regime has been squawking about "Eliminating Falun Gong" after Changchun Cable TV broadcast the truth about Falun Gong on March 5. In order to further escalate the persecution of Dafa practitioners, the "610" office in Jilin Province printed a so-called "Focal Target Group Survey," forcing people to participate. One of the entries in the form was "family member feedback." By forcing the Dafa practitioners' family members to fill out and sign the survey, they intend to shift the blame to Dafa practitioners' family members if they (the "610" office) were to cause any physical harm. Such repugnant and ulterior motives were truly despicable.

Nonetheless this hideous plot did not succeed. Many Dafa practitioners' family members refused to fill out the forms. These family members were all keenly aware of the benefit brought to their loved ones and the whole family by Falun Dafa. They were the indirect beneficiaries of Dafa. They knew the accusations were all fabricated lies and slanders. Below are a few conversations between Dafa family members and 610 officials.

(1) "My wife is the best there is. I will stick with her in this life, and I will join her in the next life."

"610": Why don't you sign this form.

Dafa practitioner's husband: I cannot sign this form.

"610": This is no big deal, we are just "following-up" the formalities.

Husband: Then you tell me where will my "follow-up" get her?

"610": It is not like that! We just won't trouble you again once you sign the form.

Husband: You don't fool me. I have friends in the Public Security. There were orders from high up and they are going to intensify their persecution of Falun Gong. There is an unscrupulous motive behind this form. You will not deceive me. I tell you: my wife is the best there is. I will stick with her in this life, and I will join her in the next life. We love each other and have a wonderful family. I won't settle easily with anyone who tries to break up my family!

(2) "My daughter was never like what the TV had purported, don't you ever try to harm her."

"610": Why don't you sign right here.

Dafa practitioner's Father: (after taking a look at the form) Why don't you explain to me what the meaning of "Falun Gong Focal Target Group is."

"610": There is really nothing behind the words. Just trying to get some background information.

Father: What is the definition of "Focal Target Group"?

"610": All Falun Gong practitioners are focal targets.

Father: So what do you plan to do once they are classified as focal targets?

"610": Well, we will help to educate them.

Father: You mean, "brainwash," don't you?

"610": Won't it be better for them to be "transformed?"

Father: My daughter is smart, healthy and had a good career. She is a model worker at her unit, and a good daughter at home. My wife and I are all depending on her. There was only benefit after she began practicing Falun Gong, never any ill result. I know my daughter better than anyone else. How do you plan to "transform" her? My daughter was never like what the TV had purported; don't you ever try to harm her.


(3) "Your job is to ask me to help you to persecute my wife, how in the world do you think I would do that?"

"610": Please cooperate with us by just signing here.

Dafa practitioner's husband: No way.

"610": Dear Sir, not much else we can do, this is just our job. Please help us so we can finish the job.

Husband: Your job is to ask me to help you to persecute my wife. How in the world you think I would do that?

"610": How can you call that persecution by simply filling out the form? Well, it is not an easy job; please think about it for us.

Husband: Don't treat me like a child. So you could say you did your job after I sign the form. What will happen if later on my wife gets sent to a labor camp? What if she gets hurt and my perfectly good family is wiped out? Why don't you think about us? If you cannot get your job done you can complain to your senior authorities. Do you have to "finish your job" if they ask you to kill people?


(4) "Did he break the law by not signing the affidavit?"

"610": We are here to ask you to fill out the form.

Dafa practitioner's mother: (After reviewing the form): Based on what law did you

classify my son as a "Falun Gong Focal Target?"

"610": He refused to be transformed and to sign the affidavit.

Mother: Did he break the law by not signing the affidavit?

"610": This is the order from higher up; we can't do anything about it.

Mother: So you tell me who set the rule? I'll go to him to settle the dispute. No body is above the law and reasoning.

"610": Please don't be so stubborn, old lady. Just sign your name and be done with it.

Mother: I won't sign anything without understanding it perfectly clear. I cannot be muddle headed and let you persecute my son by classifying him as a "focal target." So long as he does not break any law, no one should touch him. You find me the law that says "breaking the law by not signing the affidavit?"