(Clearwisdom.net) World Falun Dafa day on May 13th is coming soon. After seeing Hongfa (introducing Dafa to the public) bookmarks and World Falun Dafa Day greeting cards on Clearwisdom.net, I feel that we could design some greeting cards and flash pictures for clarifying the truth to Chinese people in Mainland China. When doing this, please design them separately for both the Mainland Chinese and people overseas.The current plan for the Mainland China design is as follows:Our first choice is the photos of western practitioners exercising; these photos themselves imply answers for the questions they raise. The background and text colors need to be contrasting so as to catch and attract peoples' eyes and hearts (Chinese people usually like bright colors).

The text needs to include Chinese characters. The design should reflect intricate, simple, and straightforward themes, echoing inner substance and staying away from the current deviated culture. While designing the cards, one should keep in mind that the audience consists of all types of people, including Chinese and Western practitioners, non-practitioners, and even evil people.

The current plan for outside of China is as follows:When choosing materials, we should focus on all different cultures and backgrounds--especially when expressing the characteristic of Truth, Compassion, and Forbearance in all objects. Furthermore, the content should touch on traditional Chinese culture.Above are my personal suggestions. Any comments or ideas are welcome.