(Clearwisdom.net) In May 2001, Panjin City Forced Labor Camp grouped all the Falun Gong practitioners into the Special Management Division to forcefully brainwash them. If the practitioners did not cooperate, they would be brutally beaten. When they saw slogans on the wall that insulted Dafa and Master, practitioners Guo Yulong, Gao Dong, Ye Ximing, Wang Baogang, and Gou Donghai tore them down and ripped them into shreds. The police then brutally tortured them.

Under the direction of the deputy head of the labor camp, Zhang Shoujiang and Zhou Zhonghua, a group of vicious police such as division head Tang Xiaobiao of the Special Management Division, division head Liu Minghua, Education Section Chief Huang Jiukuan, Management Section Chief Gong Jiuming, Management section deputy-chief Liu Dahan, Special Management Division Police Chen Changli, etc., used electric batons, police clubs, and rubber clubs to beat Dafa practitioners.

Practitioner Guo Yulong's whole body was beaten black and blue; his internal organs were injured and he vomited blood. After his left eyeball was ruptured by cruel beating, he was hung up with his hands cuffed behind the back in an iron cage (with both hands cuffed behind the back, both feet off or only toes touching the ground, one is hung onto a basketball support or house beam with the handcuffs. Both hands and arms will quickly go numb. In addition, both hands will go limp from lack of blood circulation).

Practitioner Ye Ximing's whole body was bruised. His head and face swelled so much that even acquaintances could not recognize who he was. The vicious officers tortured him to such a severe condition, yet again hung him up in an iron cage. After several days, Division Head Tang Xiaobiao used a pickaxe harrow to strike Ye's buttocks fiercely, causing Ye to lose control of his bowels and bladder.

Practitioner Gao Dong's whole body was bruised. His eyes and nose were so disfigured from the beating that one could hardly recognize him. His entire face was deformed because of the swelling. After beating him, the ruthless police punished Gao by forcing him to hold his hands behind his head and bend over 90 degrees while standing in the hallway.

Wang Baogang was beaten so that his back was severely bruised, and he was forced to stand in the hallway and bend his body 90 degrees with his hands tied behind his head.

Gou Donghai's lower body was covered with dark bruises. He was also forced to stand bending over in the hallway.

The other practitioners, Xiao Zuojun, Zhao Liyan, Zheng Gongxin, Liu Guangqing, Jiang Xingwang, Ma Wen, Xu Kai, and Hou Yunfei, were all tortured by the police because they tried to stop the police's violence. For a while, the entire corridor was filled with miserable cries.

67-year-old Cui Zhongxin was brutally beaten by policeman Liu Dahan because he wouldn't recite the assigned "teaching material."

Guo Yanliang was brutally beaten because he refused to recite the assigned "teaching material," and also because he tried to stop the policeman from beating other Dafa practitioners. His whole body turned black and blue. He was cut and bruised all over, and due to the extreme torture, he fainted several times and vomited blood. Afterwards, Education Section Head Huang Jiukuan made a club out of a table leg, and continuously beat Guo for three more days and nights.

In June 2001, Penjin City Labor Camp illegally extended the imprisonment terms six months for practitioners Guo Yanliang, Zhao Liyan, Zhang Yiliang, Xiao Zuojun, and Li Ying (female) who survived the brutal persecution and remained steadfast in their belief in Dafa.

In July 2001, Liu Zhongyi, Wang Gang, Hou Yunfei, Xu Kai, Jiang Xingming, Zheng Gongxin, Liu Guangqing, and Guo Yulong, etc., were severely tortured by policemen Tang Xiaobiao, Chen Changli, Liu Minghua, etc., because they publicly stated that their statements, which had been written under the brutal torture, were invalid. When the police saw that neither brutal beating, nor torture could force the practitioners to give up their beliefs, they started long-term physical abuse of the practitioners. They forced the practitioners to stand in the corridor for as long as 20 hours while bent over 90 degrees with their hands tied behind their heads. Liu Zhongyi, Hou Yunfei, Liu Guangqing and other practitioners finally fainted. They were then beaten and kicked by the common criminals Ma Gang, and Luan Yong who watched the practitioners. Liu Guangqing's whole body was burned by the electric batons. He was continuously brutally beaten, and suffered from other kinds of physical abuse for more than one month. When the electric baton did not have any more effect on Liu, they then used handcuffs to hang him up in an iron cage for 13 days and nights. Also hanging in the cage were practitioners Liu Baoyi, and Xin Minfeng, who were hung up in the cage for 11 days for tearing up posters that slandered Dafa and Master. Because they hung there for such a long time, the handcuffs cut deep into their flesh, cutting all the way to the bone. During this period, the police only gave them broth with perhaps a few pieces of vegetables to eat.

Here we only exposed a very small fraction of the brutal torture conducted by Penjin City Labor Camp against Dafa practitioners. Because information has been strictly blocked, there are many other unknown facts waiting to be brought to light. Hopefully, those who know the facts will provide us with information in this regard. Together we will expose the crimes of Panjin City Labor Camp to the world.

List of names of those who persecute Dafa practitioners at Panjin City Forced Labor Camp:

Zhang Shoujiang (Vice-president, phone number: 86-427-8228233)

Zhou Zhonghua (Vice-president)

Tang Xiaobiao ( Special Management Division Chief)

Liu Minghua (No. 1 Division Chief)

Jia Jinghua (No. 2 Division Chief)

Huang Jiukuan (Education Section Chief, phone number: 86-427-2900270 [o])

Gong Baoming (Management Section Chief)

Liu Dahan (Management Section Deputy Chief)

Chen Changli (Special Management Division Police)

Xu Yanfeng (Division Police)

Yi Xiuyan (female, Special Management Female Division Chief, phone number: 86-427-2901052)

Liu Jing (female, Special Management Female Division Chief)

Cai Li (female, Special Management Female Division Police)