(Clearwisdom.net) On April 20, eastern standard time in the United States, we went to the Chinese Consulate to send forth righteous thoughts.

Dafa disciples' gong (cultivation energy) formed a giant gong column of rainbow-colored rings in the sky, radiating huge knives made of light towards the evil. The head of the evil, who has yet to return to its den, is very weak. The spirits possessing its body are already out of energy, and they are basically stiffly holding on. Among the spirits is a giant Indian python, whose body is already stiffening. There are also some other deviated, bizarre beings, who are quite messy and disgusting. They are oozing pus and basically out of energy.

It is no longer effective for the old forces to supply energy directly

The great shell encasing and locking down Jiang Zemin's body is able to slowly and automatically snuff out the energy of the possessing spirits within the shell. Many old forces supplied energy into this shell directly, but today they could no longer do so. The shell has supernormal abilities - the more energy the old forces send into the shell, the more quickly the energy of the spirits inside is exhausted. The old forces have also seen this situation, so they have stopped supplying energy into the shell, and instead turned their target towards Dafa disciples.

Practitioners met with quite serious interference when sending forth righteous thoughts. Some main manifestations are that while sending forth righteous thoughts, a cell phone would ring, or someone would come with something important, or practitioners would think of something that happened in the past, or remember a relative who hadn't been thought about in a long time, etc. There's another thought -- "I am just sending forth righteous thoughts like this, is it effective?" As soon as a practitioner started following this line of thinking, the gong would be immediately deflected back, unable to be sent forth. These thoughts and interference correspond to very specific actions in other dimensions. They are the result of interference from evil demons - even those thoughts of doubt were projected by evil demons. Not just these thoughts, but even feelings of lacking confidence are the result of intentional interference from evil demons.

Doing everything to break down Dafa practitioners' righteous beliefs

Recently, while sending forth righteous thoughts, quite a few people would suddenly recall some episodes of their past, or personal matters that would cause them to become very regretful. These are often very private things and only the practitioners themselves know about them. Most of them happened in the past, which would invoke practitioners' feelings of self-pity or drudge up their painful memories or regrets after they started cultivation. These are all ploys that the old forces instructed the evil beings to carry out in other dimensions, in order to strengthen attachments that Dafa disciples have not removed. The purpose is to shake the disciples' righteous beliefs, causing them to feel less confident when sending forth righteous thoughts.

There are quite a few disciples who still have such a thought in their minds, "Will the head of the evil die?" This thought was also strengthened by the old forces. Currently the old forces are not able to supply energy directly to Jiang, so breaking down the disciples' righteous beliefs is the evil's main goal. This is because the old forces want to keep it in the human world to continue to carry out what they want to do -- to interfere with the Fa-rectification and the people's salvation.

The power of the unified body should not be divided

It is very powerful when practitioners gather together to send forth righteous thoughts together. When their gong is combined, the emitted light can eliminate groups of evil all at once. The evil tries to do everything possible to separate Dafa disciples. The non-stop rain today was caused by the evil in hopes of making us go home. When the power of the group is dispersed, it is much less powerful.

This time, many old forces directly took part, and many of them have been destroyed. In fact, Teacher knew this was what the old forces would do and has always given them opportunities to make a final choice. Even until the very end, Teacher would still let the to-be-destroyed old forces know that what they had committed was a sin. On the other hand, some of the old forces and beings that had been told to damage Dafa started to cease their activities, no longer participating in this evil. Also, there were many heavenly Gods who joined the battle, each showing their various abilities and power.