(Clearwisdom.net) On April 8th, practitioners from all over the world started gathering in Berlin. Everyone recognized the significance and responsibility of this trip.

Ever since Jiang Zemin arrived in Berlin one could see the practitioners erecting their palms and eliminating the evil wherever Jiang would go regardless of whether it was day or night.

The morning after Jiang's arrival at the Adlon Hotel, when he passed by the lobby, he ran into some practitioners who were also staying at the same hotel. Some practitioners unfurled banners, some raised firm questions and others shouted "Falun Dafa is good." Jiang was badly frightened and repeatedly pressured the German government to drive away people who looked Chinese from the hotel. Among the people who were expelled from the hotel were U.S. citizens. Confronted by this ridiculous action, the US embassy questioned the hotel regarding this matter. Later the hotel was taken over by the German Security Department. Everyone, including the staff of the hotel and the German special agents knew of Jiang's suppression of Falun Gong. They were disgusted with his behavior at the hotel. Some secretly said, "This President of China is crazy."

A practitioner from Switzerland told me that some of them took a cab to catch up with Jiang's escort cars. While in the cab, they clarified the truth to the driver. After finding out the truth, the driver told them he would take them without charge. This act moved the practitioners. Jiang's escort cars suddenly disappeared. Practitioners then got out of the cab. Within five minutes, the driver came back and told them: "Hurry up. I know where they are." Everyone then got into the cab and continued the trip. At an intersection, a policeman stopped the cab because there were five people in the cab, which exceeded the seating capacity. The practitioners then got out of the cab and clarified the truth to the policeman. After learning the truth, the policeman smiled and assured the practitioners that he would not ticket the driver.

The next afternoon, Jiang went to the headquarters of the German Bank to have a meal. Along the road, there was a cheering team composed of hired people. Suddenly many practitioners appeared amongst the crowd. Some unfurled banners and some shouted, "Falun Dafa is good." Others erected their palms to eliminate evil. The German police had no idea why so many "Falun Gong people" came out. Because of tremendous pressure, the German police were hypersensitive to the color yellow. They had an order to force anyone wearing yellow to remain 200 meters away from Jiang, because the "Chinese president" would have a "dramatic reaction" upon seeing the color yellow.

Practitioners then went to the site where Jiang was having a meal. They erected their palms to eliminate evil and sent forth righteous thoughts. About ten minutes before Jiang walked out, police started to disperse the crowd. Another practitioner and I stayed far away from the main entrance where Jiang was supposed to walk out. Thinking that the nearby road must be the way Jiang's car would pass, we stayed there. Very soon, Jiang's car approached. Practitioners on the opposite side had already unfurled banners. We shouted, "Falun Dafa is good" while trying to cross the road. Suddenly several police appeared from nowhere and blocked us. We continued to shout, "Falun Dafa is good" while sending forth righteous thoughts. At this moment, one practitioner next to me suddenly ran toward Jiang's car. Seeing this, three policemen chased him from behind. Just when this practitioner got close to Jiang's car and unfurled the banner, the three policemen arrived. He turned around and said to them, "Stay there and do not move." The policemen looked stunned but were unable to move. After the practitioner folded up the banner, these three policemen walked away as if nothing had happened.

On the third day, we received news that Jiang was going to visit a big park outside of the city of Berlin. We then started our journey. Outside of the "safe area" defined by police, we held a press conference. Some practitioners held banners and others practiced the exercises. Later, we learned that Jiang's car took a different route in order to avoid seeing practitioners. He could not avoid seeing Falun Dafa banners because there were several practitioners along the alternate route.

We then divided into several groups and went to the park. We saw multiple groups of practitioners everywhere. I ran into three practitioners who told me about the following experience. While they were walking, they heard the approach of the escorting police cars. There was a small hill on their way to the road. They then decided to run over the hill. While they were running, they pulled out Dafa banners, and a practitioner unbuttoned his coat to reveal the Dafa shirt that he wore inside. They successfully unfurled the banners. The police noticed that the practitioners were running towards Jiang's car and started chasing them. One of the practitioners was an elderly lady. Despite her age, she ran very fast. Once the practitioners got to the hilltop, they unfurled the banner and that elderly lady was also able to reveal the Dafa shirt that she wore. When they were done, the police caught up with them. They then clarified the truth to the police. One police officer asked them what was on the banner. This practitioner told him that it read "Truth, Compassion, Tolerance." The policeman said, "I understand." He then waved them on and let them go. Every person who knows the truth of Jiang's brutal suppression of Falun Gong will know how to position himself well.

(To be continued)