I am now illegally jailed in Tuanhe Labor Camp, Beijing. Writing a letter is very hard for me, so I'll just briefly describe the situation here.

Now the number of Dafa practitioners being abducted and sent here is skyrocketing. In addition, the camp has reinforced its brainwashing work with all brutal means. Physical abuse is a very popular way to put more pressure on Dafa practitioners. During the daytime, they push Dafa practitioners who do not give in, forcing them to run in the courtyard until exhausted and not allowing them to sleep at night.

Now the whole building of Second West is reserved for Dafa practitioners. They are not allowed to sleep for an entire night. Each practitioner was jailed separately with no bed in the room, thus giving them only a cold floor for a place to rest. In addition, policemen in shifts constantly keep them under close watch. Judicial officers, supervisory officers, and media are not allowed into this building. Foreign investigation groups and foreign media came here before, but they are not allowed to know the truth. What Dafa practitioners suffer here is beyond description. I am hoping that all those who get out of this despicable place expose the true sufferings being endured by the Falun Gong practitioners to the whole world. I ask all kindhearted people to help and support us.

Each day more Dafa practitioners are kidnapped and brought in here. Some have compromised with the police, under heavy pressure, then claim to be practitioners days later. Then they compromise again, only to later claim that they practice Dafa. I am really sad to see that happen to them. Many of them are intellectuals. I have been illegally jailed for several months, and get harassed every day until late at night. But I say this, "We have committed no crime, so we should not be jailed here!"

To all those who read this, take good care of yourselves! Cherish the cultivation environment outside. They are too vicious over here. My heart is pained!

There are too many things to say. Thus, the more I think, the more thoughts come, and my pen grows too heavy to hold. Let us eliminate all evils with our righteous thoughts!

Please do not reply! [Note: The practitioner would face even harsher punishment for revealing the truth of conditions inside the forced labor camp.]