(Clearwisdom.net) A China News Net April 1, 2002 report from Beijing recounted the March 5, 2002 Changchun TV Falun Gong truth clarification program incident and published the names of persons who were allegedly involved. The Jiang regime's report claims that the airing of the video during prime time at 7 p.m. on March 5 in Changchun City and Songyuan City, was accomplished by 18 people from Changchun City. These people include Liang Zhenxing, Zhou Runjun, Zhao Jian, Liu Chengjun and Yun Qingbin. However, the true story about the 18 accused people needs to be investigated, substantiated and verified independently by representatives from a third party international agency.

Zhou Runjun Liang Zhenxing
Liu Chengjun Lei Ming

The pictures provided by China News Net show blood spots all over the rooms where the 18 people are detained and where these pictures were taken. It is obvious that Liu Chengjun didn't have strength to keep his natural sitting position, and it also looks like there is a large bloodstained area on the front of Zhou Runjun's undershirt.

Since the March 5th incident, the police in Jilin Province have been conducting a large-scale roundup of Falun Gong practitioners. Some days ago police officers abducted Falun Dafa practitioners Zhou Runjun (female, 51 years old) and Chen Yanmei (female, 40 years old) in Changchun City. The authorities believed that they were the ones who set up the cable TV transmitter. It was learned from an inside source that the Jiang regime plans to sentence them to death. According to conservative statistics, up to this point over 5,000 practitioners have been abducted in Changchun City alone. Practitioners' torture deaths are almost a daily occurrence. The police have secretly cremated most of the victims' bodies. Right now, Changchun practitioners are in an extremely difficult situation.

On the night of March 5, some guardians of justice broadcast a 50-minute long Falun Gong truth clarification video on Changchun cable TV networks, which shocked the whole city. That same night, the whole country was greatly shaken. Many people called out with surprise, "So, the self-immolation was staged!" Before long, "the truth about Falun Gong" became a hot topic. Government officials from Jilin Province and Changchun City who were attending the People's Congressional meeting in Beijing at the time experienced the cold-sweat of fear, and the Chinese president became furious and extremely scared. He gave the order to "kill [those responsible] without pardon."

Around 8 p.m. on March 5, 2002, eight channels on the Changchun cable TV network aired something unprecedented! They showed "Falun Dafa Around the World," "Self-immolation or Staged Event," and other truth clarification programs. The broadcast lasted 40-50 minutes without any interruptions.

After the videos were shown, the ruling regime could not suppress their fury and fear. After the "kill without pardon" order, the Jiang regime then warned government officials in Jilin Province: "If another cable TV incident takes place in Changchun, all government officials of Changchun City and Jilin Province will be removed from office right away." It has been verified through various sources that right now, every police officer in Changchun has a quota stating the minimum number of practitioners they have to arrest, and they will be dismissed if they can't complete the quota. In addition, their supervisors will also be fired. The police do not need to observe any legal procedures when arresting Falun Gong practitioners. According to the police, "[We] have orders from the government that we are to ignore murder cases and burglaries, and focus on only catching Falun Gong practitioners." The ruling regime's twisted and malicious policies have resulted in a severe decline in social security in Changchun City. Violence, murder and rape are rampant.

Based on the fact that Jiang and his evil group have always lied about the Falun Gong issue, and considering that human life is most precious, it remains to be seen whether the story of the 18 accused people is indeed true, or if these 18 persons have nothing to do with it but are being wrongfully accused. Perhaps they might even have been forced to confess under brutal torture. We will have to wait. This complicated case awaits investigation and verification by an independent third party from the international community.