(Clearwisdom.net) Masanjia Forced Labor Camp is a den of evildoers and is extremely notorious. Its branch head, Su Jing, has been willingly working hard for the evil forces. Its police officers have served as frenzied, hired roughnecks. Their abuse methods against Dafa practitioners are extremely sinister and ruthless. On the one hand, they try to shake Dafa practitioners' beliefs by using hypocritical deceptions; on the other hand, they viciously mistreat Dafa practitioners with violence. Their aim is to force practitioners to give up practicing Dafa.

There are two kinds of illegally detained Falun Gong practitioners in this labor camp. One is the steadfast kind; the others are those who are temporarily deluded and have given up their cultivation. All practitioners in the camp have lost their personal freedom and are subjected to strict controls. The labor camp is labeled as a "semi-military style- managed, ideological school;" in reality, it is really a forced brainwashing and persecution site.

The labor camp authorities use many means to brainwash, through forcibly imbuing detainees with wicked thoughts, administering physical punishment, extending working hours, depriving people of sleep and much more. They want to destroy Dafa practitioners' faith in Dafa and Master. Each day, other than at mealtime, the practitioners here are either forced to watch Dafa-slandering videos, listen to wicked lies, or make handcrafted items for export. They have to sit on small plastic stools and are not allowed to move or speak. Outside of mealtimes, they work as long as 14 or 15 hours per day. The practitioners must finish their assignments within given hours. Their hands often get blood blisters from wear and tear. If someone makes a small mistake, a deputy team leader will viciously say, "If it fails to pass inspection, you will have to buy the material from your own pocket and redo it." However, when the clients came to inspect the quality, they said that Falun Gong practitioners did high quality and delicate work.

The police officers are hypocritically easy on those who have given up their cultivation, but treat those who have not given up their cultivation with harshness, ridicule, hostility and force. In this den of evildoers, the contrast of truth versus lies, good versus evil, and tolerance opposed to violent rage are vivid. Those practitioners who have never given up their cultivation are forced to work during the daytime and are not permitted to rest in the evening. The labor camp authorities either force them to read or copy brainwashing books, or be assaulted with wicked propaganda. Newly arrived practitioners are not required to work but have to accept indoctrinating thoughts every day. They can only sleep after midnight, 1 o'clock, 2 o'clock or 3 o'clock in the morning. Several people "bombard" one person in turn. If they cannot get what they want, they will beat the practitioners secretly, brutally abusing and mistreating them, mentally and physically. If one cannot endure the torture, one will fall into the so-called "transformed" category.

For a true Dafa cultivator, any vicious means will not change or move his or her firm belief. There was a 60-year-old Dafa practitioner who called herself "Zhengshi." Nobody knew her real name. She had been on hunger strike before entering the labor camp. She never cooperated with the evil's demands. She was slim and weak but still was not exempted from the beatings. Due to her repeated force-feeding, her esophagus was seriously damaged and she had to be sent to a hospital. At the hospital, a female police officer named Xue Feng hit her face with her fists, randomly targeting her eyes, nose and mouth. When "Zhengshi" asked her, "Why do you hit me?" Xue shamelessly replied, "Who hit you? Who saw it?" There were other police officers on the scene. All of them saw it personally, but she lied in front of others as she had "support from the top."

Dafa practitioner Ms. Yang Chunfang was in very good health when she entered the labor camp. As she was firm in her belief, she refused to wear the labor camp uniform. She suffered beatings numerous times and had also been on hunger strike before. Her body suffered enormous tortures, but she never compromised. Finally she was beaten for a whole night and the next day she could not walk anymore. She could only move little by little, with others' help. Even after one year has passed, her legs were still not fully recovered. When we lined up to walk to the cafeteria to eat, I saw she still needed other's support to walk. A feeling of sadness often came over me, tears welled up in my eyes and my heart was filled with respect. Since she never ceased her cultivation, the wicked police did not allow her family to come to visit. For unknown reasons, one day the labor camp permitted many of her family members, including the children, to come. When she walked to the center of the courtyard with another practitioner's help, Division Chief Shao Li (she is now transferred away) saw it. She viciously said, "You had better walk normally, mind your manners!" Ms. Yang Chunfang replied, "I don't want to walk like this." Shao was in rage after hearing this, scolding Ms. Yang Chunfang for not giving her a proper reply. She immediately gave the order not to allow her to see her family members. Outside the gate, when her close relatives saw that they could not see her again, they cried in desperation, but Shao Li still did not allow them to meet. Everyone who saw the scene was in tears. Shao is now having all kinds of health problems; she has done too many bad things.

Dafa practitioner Ms. Wang Xueli is a senior principal engineer. With her righteous understanding of Dafa she withstood massive attacks, curses, and tons of wicked thoughts from more than 100 people. The evil even tried to confuse her in a dream, but she did not hesitate, maintained her xinxing and did not follow the evil's arrangements. The disturbance did not appear again in her dream. Ms. Wang Xueli has been slapped on her face, suffered "airplane" style torture, and lost consciousness after being "stumbled down." (For a detailed description for this and other forms of torture used in forced labor camps, see http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2001/11/24/16156.html and http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2002/2/3/18368.html) She faced everything rationally, with calmness and a smile, so the evils were at their wit's end regarding her.

Regarding the case of "Eighteen female Dafa practitioners being stripped and put into male's cells," I had doubts of the truth of this story at the beginning when this news first broke. A few months before my release, a practitioner from Benxi told me she had a friend who knew one of the eighteen females. The story was true! I was shocked when I heard this. After I was released and came home, I once again learned of one of the eighteen females in my area, her real name and real story. This atrocity happened at Masanjia Forced Labor Camp, during the early period of the persecution. Now the jailors do not want to admit this and do not dare to admit it since they do not want the public to know. If this were really publicly known, no one anywhere would associate with them. Those who have given up their cultivation in the labor camp are still kept in the dark, being deceived and used by the wicked people. They are really pitiful. They are the same people who claim how good the police officers in the camp are; they slander "Clearwisdom Net," and praise the treacherous and tricky woman supervisor Su Jing. In reality, every practitioner knows who is good, who is bad, who is righteous and who is evil.

One night, when I had just lain down to go to sleep, I heard shouting in the hallway. The next day I learned that a practitioner who did not want to give up cultivation was beaten; moreover, this was ordered by the female branch head Su Jing. Under her hypocritical face is hidden a knife. She has repeatedly issued secrete orders commanding police officers and hinting to the collaborators [former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture] to beat up and otherwise persecute Dafa practitioners. You can imagine how sinful she is. After Su Jing came back from accepting the "reward" from the central government, in order to keep her fame and gain, she actively held meetings with police officers and collaborators in each team, arranging and plotting how to make the practitioners give up their cultivation. There was one period where they arranged the watching of Dafa-slandering videos and having discussion each day, to further the persecution. Su Jing was not at ease with the about-to-be-released, brainwashed practitioners. She held numerous meetings, pouring in wicked thoughts, persuading them again and again not to rejoin cultivation once they got home. She even invited key collaborators back to talk about their experiences and forced the about-to-be-released practitioners to make a vow to the Party. While making this "oath" in unison, taking this opportunity, other practitioners and I spoke out from our hearts to our merciful Master, "Dafa is good; we are greeting Master; I will firmly cultivate Dafa forever!"

Why did the evil require these superficial things? It is because of their fear. When the released practitioners wake up, they will once again come back into the current of Fa-rectification. They will issue statements, one after another, to invalidate the statements they had made under high pressure. After all the lies and untruths are revealed to the public, the evil's plans will be destroyed, one after another.

March 22, 2002