(Clearwisdom.net) A practitioner introduced the Fa to an elderly woman in the workplace, but somehow, she was not interested. During the spring festival, the practitioner clarified the truth about Dafa to her. At that time the practitioner did not have any intention of pushing her to learn the Fa; she only told her how wonderful the Fa is and asked her to keep in mind that Dafa is good. She said, "Dafa is so good, may I borrow the book from you?" The practitioner loaned her a book and suggested that she finish reading it in nine days. After ten days or so, they ran into each other on the road. The woman said, "I finished the book in ten days and took notes on some important parts." The practitioner said, "All the contents of the book are important. If you really want to learn the Fa, I can give you a copy."

Later, she told the practitioner a story. Every time she was going to read the book, she would look at the Teacher's photo in the book. Sometimes she looked at it for a long time. One day while she was looking at the photo, she said in her heart, "Teacher, the Fa is not at all like what is said on the TV; the Fa is righteous." As soon as she had this thought, a portrait of Teacher appeared at the top of the photo in which Teacher was looking at her and smiling. She thought that it was not real. She blinked her eyes to see clearly. The portrait was still there. She did not understand and felt a little surprised. On the second day of Fa study, she wondered if she would see the same thing again. She opened the book. Not only was there a portrait of Teacher on the right side of Teacher's photo as she had seen yesterday, another one also appeared and gradually enlarged on the left side of Teacher's picture.

The elderly woman had high blood pressure. One day after reading the book, the uncomfortable feeling around her heart disappeared. She wondered if the disease was gone. On the second day, she visited a doctor to test her blood pressure. The doctor looked at her and said, "I just tested your blood pressure recently and it was at 170. It could not drop down so soon." The woman smiled and did not say anything. Soon it was her turn to take the test. The doctor said in surprise, "Ha, it has gone down! The systolic blood pressure is 120, the diastolic blood pressure is 90; both are normal. What medicine did you take?" The elderly woman went back home and told the practitioner, "When Falun Gong was not banned, you talked with me twice and I would not study it. Now Falun Gong is banned, but I feel it is good. The more I read it, the more I want to practice it. Isn't that interesting?"

Her son and daughter-in-law were not practitioners. The persecution of Falun Gong in China made them worry about their mother's safety. They tried to stop her from practicing Falun Gong. The elderly woman told her son, "Read the book. It is not like what is said on TV. You see, my spirit is good, so is my health. The uncomfortable feeling in my heart is gone. How wonderful Falun Gong is. You always complained that I like gossiping--do I gossip now? It is called 'Cultivation of Speech' in the book."