As the Fa rectification process reaches deeper, we decided to undertake Hongfa and truth clarification activities in 19 cities and provinces across Peru in March, 2002.

The basic procedure was: once we arrived in each city we would introduce Dafa to people through media (TV and radio stations and newspapers), then we would demonstrate Dafa exercises in the city's central square and deliver Dafa truth-clarifying materials and Dafa books to the mayor and city government. We also reached TV and radio stations and left them a set of Spanish language teaching videotapes, Dafa music and books. Through the TV and radio stations, we told people that the materials could be freely downloaded from internet or they could make copies for themselves from the copy we had left with the station. The activities lasted for a total of 20 days.

People learning Dafa exercise in CajamarcaPractitioner showing up at Ica TV's morning news program
Abancay TV11 broadcasting special program on Falun Gong"Pay attention, don't miss anything!" People learning the exercises in AyacuchoRadio station in Cuzco interviewing a practitioner
Tacna TV bringing Falun Dafa to thousands of familiesTacna TV interviewing practitioners in their news programRadio station in Barranca interviewing practitioners