(Clearwisdom.net) After April 25, 1999, Dafa-slandering articles often appeared in the newspapers controlled by the dictator in China. In the beginning, I only felt disgusted and was not willing to look at them. When I went back home during this Spring Festival in 2002, I saw my older brother who is also a Falun Gong practitioner searching through all the newspapers at home. He burned all the papers that had Dafa-slandering material. His action enlightened me. I also destroyed everything of this kind that I could find.

Recently, when I studied Zhuan Falun, I realized the importance of completely destroying the Dafa-slandering material in this dimension. In Lecture Six of Zhuan Falun, Teacher wrote: "Yet there is one situation in which my fashen will not help clean things up. We have a practitioner who one day saw my fashen come to his home. He was very excited: 'Teacher's fashen is here. Teacher, please come in.' My fashen said: 'Your room is too messy, and there are too many things.' Then, it left. Usually, when there are many evil spirits in other dimensions, my fashen will clean them out for you. His room, however, was full of different bad qigong books. He came to understand it and cleaned it up by burning the books or selling them. My fashen then returned. This is what this practitioner told me." Teacher also wrote: "Additionally, many qigong books nowadays are false and carry a variety of messages. As one of our practitioners was turning the pages of a qigong book, a big snake jumped out of it" (Zhuan Falun).

My understanding is: if phony qigong books contain some bad things, then the Dafa-slandering articles or materials must also be hiding places for the evil. We have to clean them out from this dimension ourselves so that the evil will not have any place to hide.

I also thought about what we say when sending out righteous thoughts, "Think about eradicating all evil that damages Dafa, encompass everything and leave out nothing." Here we actually said: "...encompass everything and leave out nothing." However I only thought that what we needed to clean was the things in other dimensions. Now I realized the danger of the Dafa-slandering materials in this dimension.

In Lecture Five of Zhuan Falun, Teacher wrote: "When they commit wrongdoing, the higher lives will kill them. When this is about to happen, they will run and get on the Buddha statues. Usually, a great enlightened person does not casually interfere with the principles of everyday people. The higher a great enlightened person's level is, the less he or she would bother to interfere with the principles of everyday people, not even a bit. After all, this higher being will not suddenly shatter a Buddha statue with lightning, for he or she will not do such a thing. The higher being will thus leave them alone if they climb onto Buddha statues. They know if they are to be killed, so they will try to escape."

These words made me realize that when we send forth righteous thoughts, we mainly aim to eliminate the evil in other dimensions including the head of the evil who cannot be saved. Some evil factors need us to clean them using the methods in this dimension, which would fit the law in ordinary people (except special situations). So I think that we should destroy any evil material around us as soon as we discover it and not let it continue to do evil. This is also an aspect of our Fa-rectification process. To put it simply, because of its existence, if seen by an ordinary person, the evil inside it may control that person. We tend to ignore this situation. There may be deeper meanings inside this.

The above is my own understanding. Fellow practitioners please correct me if there is anything inappropriate.