(Clearwisdom.net) Jiang Zemin's arrival in Germany forced the German police to devote a great amount of manpower and energy. On top of that, this resulted in complaints from the general public. The police set up curfews and blockades, they patrolled everywhere, and the traffic to the main streets was diverted, which attracted a flood of complaints from passers-by and drivers.

In Dresden alone, 726 police officers were on active duty, many of whom were temporarily transferred from other cities. The police also used helicopters for surveillance because of Jiang Zemin's additional request: he didn't wish to see people wearing anything yellow.

The city newspaper reported people saying that seeing so many police officers reminded them of wartime; they could not understand the police's conduct.

Once, several Dafa practitioners were driving down the street. Because the side of their car displayed banners that read, "SOS" and "Falun Gong," many police officers tailed their car as they drove along. When the practitioners arrived at a gas station, the police cars also parked on their side. The practitioners walked toward the police officers with Dafa flyers in their hands and clarified the truth to them. The police listened patiently, with a sympathetic expression on their faces. They took the flyers and said, "We know about this, but we can't do anything. We must carry out our orders." These practitioners' car was also tailed by a plainclothes police car. The practitioners again stopped their car and handed the plainclothes officers some flyers. They took the flyers, smiled apologetically and soon after, they turned around and drove away.

In the city of Goslar, whenever they saw people in yellow, the police would interrogate and body search them. They even tried to confiscate yellow-covered Dafa books. A practitioner said to the police, "You are violating the law. How can you take our books? Should the crimes Jiang Zemin has committed in China be repeated in Germany? Is there anymore law in Germany?" The police were at loss for an answer and returned the books to the practitioners.

Jiang Zemin's trip to Germany has completely revealed to the world his brutal and cowardly nature.