On April 12, Jiang Zemin arrived in Goslar, the last stop on his visit to Germany. The local residents frequently raised their heads to look up at the helicopter in the sky that was quite loud. Comments of disappointment could be heard throughout the crowd, "He's finally arrived." "The police cars have blocked every intersection. No one is allowed to go in. It's as tight as welding." "I've only seen such a situation during Hitler's time and haven't seen anything like it since."

At that time, the Chinese people who were standing inside the security line started to wave their small red flags in their hands as they began to cheer. A German band started to play music. Through the gap between two large tour vans, people could see the motorcade of Chinese representatives. It seemed that the Chinese delegation had learned a lesson from their experiences over the past several days. To not let Jiang hear Falun Gong practitioners' voices or see any Dafa signs, they had racked their brains to come up with ways of dealing with it.

A young man from Goslar said loudly, "Listen -- those who have been paid to be out here have started cheering for him. Let him leave here as soon as possible. I won't cheer for him." A Falun Gong practitioner standing outside the security line tried to unfurl a yellow banner. A police officer then tried to grab the banner. Two local residents came to help the practitioner to unfurl the banner. A local person in the crowd was calling out, "Jiang Zemin, go away!" Some people started to jeer in low voices.

At a small square not far from there, Falun Gong practitioners were holding a casual and loosely organized "press conference." Several practitioners were sitting on the ground doing the mediation exercise. Holding the magazine "Testimony," one practitioner was pointing out the pictures in the magazine that showed how Jiang 's regime has abused Falun Gong. The practitioners passing by started to join in one after another. Through a translator, Zhang Cuiying, a practitioner [and artist] told her story about how she had been detained in China. The German western practitioners also explained what they experienced while [appealing] on Tiananmen Square. The kindhearted Goslar people said, " Of course we support you."

Five police officers stood behind [the crowd] while several practitioners spoke with them. These police officers just watched silently and no one came up to disperse the gathering that had not been officially applied for. Practitioners sang the songs, "Falun Dafa is Good" and "Salvation" as the conclusion. While they were singing, several Chinese passed by with their red flags in their hands. A young German went to talk with them in Chinese. One of them praised him, "Your Chinese is really good." The young man said immediately, "Falun Dafa is even better." His answer won a warm applause from the practitioners.

German police who were under pressure from the Chinese government took the highest security measures during Jiang's visit in order to prevent Jiang from hearing or seeing Falun Gong practitioners. But practitioners, along with the Goslar residents, with righteous thoughts, were all over the city. The field of justice could not be blocked by any security arrangement.