(Clearwisdom.net) Looking back on the path of Fa-rectification, Dafa disciples have stepped out of humanness in droves, resolutely resisting the persecution and clarifying the truth to governments and people around the world. Dafa disciples have also been exposing the evil and calling forth justice and righteousness from people's hearts. All these actions to safeguard the Fa have been confirmed by Master on many occasions. However, at many times, due to our incomplete understanding of Dafa principles, we forget that we shoulder the sacred mission of assisting Master in Fa-rectification and offering salvation to sentient beings. We still hold on to ordinary people's attachments and cannot completely overcome the restraints of human thoughts. This has made us unable to fully demonstrate, at some critical junctures in Fa-rectification, the power of Dafa disciples as one single body --"You have unwittingly incurred many losses that are hard to recover." ("Towards Consummation.")

Very rarely does Master explicitly point out our inadequacies. This necessitates us Dafa disciples doing the analysis and coming to our own understanding with a clear mind and from the standpoint of Fa-rectification, at the same time weeding out impure notions and thought karma. At this critical and most valuable historic moment, we have enlightened to the following: if we can do well as a single entity, truly put right the relationship between Dafa disciples and Fa-rectification, and continuously send forth powerful righteous thoughts, the arrangements of the old forces will be completely wrecked, and the process of cleaning out the evil within the Three Realms will be accelerated. We will be able to carve out a peaceful period of time before the elimination of those hopeless, vicious beings which will give the world's people the opportunity of hearing the truth about Dafa in a peaceful, just environment, thus saving more innocent beings.

Based on my conversations with some practitioners and through reading some practitioners' articles, I can see an incorrect notion still harbored by many of us, that the force of Fa-rectification and the purging of the head of the evil must be timed to arrive simultaneously. That is, if we completely destroy the evil's head "prematurely," those innocent people deluded by fabrications would have no chance for salvation. This notion has led to a lack of resoluteness in the sending forth of righteous thoughts or some reservations in eliminating hopelessly vicious beings, which has enabled them to linger on to persecute Dafa disciples more recklessly and poison more of the world's people. Thus, such a notion is precisely what has been imposed upon Dafa disciples, as the old forces believe that their "test" should persist until the last step, to have the effect of "assessing" Dafa disciples to the greatest extent. To fulfill this goal, the old forces have made "arrangements" for everything in the human world, including every thought of Dafa disciples.

Nevertheless, Master completely rejects all of their "arrangements" and completely refutes this in Fa-rectification. Dafa needs nobody to "test" it, as no being is worthy. The world's people are innocent and Dafa disciples definitely should absolutely not be persecuted. Actually, the timing of the arrival of the force of the Fa-rectification is decided by neither the old forces nor by Dafa disciples--it is Master who controls the overall situation of all of this. Since no part in the entire cosmos is left out during the ongoing Fa-rectification and Master wants to save sentient beings to the greatest extent, the complete consummation of this process in the colossal firmament, which contains different time systems, involves a certain delay in time. Therefore, before the force of Fa-rectification comes, every being still has a chance. Since the "illusion" is still unbroken, as long as the world's people listen to our truth clarification and thus establish righteous thoughts, they can be saved.

Given that clarifying the truth and saving beings are the only missions for Dafa disciples during this historical period, given that we have recognized that the world's people should not have been poisoned in the first place, why shouldn't we have a peaceful and just environment in which to clarify the truth? Then wouldn't more people be saved in that case?

From April 8 to April 22, the head of the evil in the human world left his den in Beijing to visit five countries, including Germany. Regarding this matter, a notice was published on Clearwisdom.net on April 13, calling on Dafa disciples around the world to "continuously send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evils every hour on the hour before Jiang Zemin returns to Beijing."

Since April 8, Dafa disciples around the world have been strengthening their sending forth of righteous thoughts. Upon reading the notice on Clearwisdom, my fellow practitioners and I realized even more clearly that this is a golden opportunity and started sending forth righteous thoughts every hour on the hour. At the same time, amidst severe conditions and layers upon layers of difficulty, those Dafa disciples who gathered in Germany while sleeping very little have steadfastly safeguarded the Fa, sending forth powerful righteous thoughts day and night. As a result, the evil's chief villain in the human world becomes scared and shaken at the mere mention of "Falun Gong" or even at the sight of people wearing yellow shirts. Meanwhile, the evil forces in other dimensions were destroyed in large quantities, causing it [chief villain] to become so frail that help from people was needed to just get into the car. The battle in the dimensions over Germany has been of unprecedented intensity.

During this process we also came to realize that the evil has been attempting to interfere with our righteous thoughts and enlightenment. For instance, we were made to be preoccupied with something else and always missed the time of sending forth of righteous thoughts; some practitioners, having done it more than ten times a day, started to feel pain all over their bodies and had trouble concentrating, when it came time to send forth righteous thoughts they had feelings of facing a great difficulty; some even argued that sending forth righteous thoughts continuously on the hour was very difficult to accomplish and slacked off or quit participating outright; and some of those practitioners who came back from Germany had the intensity of being on the scene fade away and did it less diligently...and so on and so forth.

In his new book, the "North America Lecture Tour," Master points out explicitly that, "If you send forth righteous thoughts in close proximity to the head of the evil, the evil won't be able to supply enough support and protection, and that creature will stop breathing because it no longer possesses anything human. Its skin is entirely sustained by the evil beings, and sending forth righteous thoughts eliminates them. If that supply cannot be kept up, it will drop dead." (Quote from draft translation of "North America Lecture Tour") Some practitioners would question: we did send forth righteous thoughts in close proximity--why didn't it stop breathing and die? This is like something we all understand, that we cultivate both mind and body, and the body will be filled with high-energy substance at some point, but we wonder how come we never see our bodies in a transparent state. The next question could be about whether the practice is really working or not. We believe that this is a matter of enlightenment quality and righteous belief.

Now that the head of the evil is away from his den, the evil forces supporting it have been weakened in an unprecedented scale. History has created this moment for us, to use pure compassion and righteous thoughts in destroying all the evil forces sustaining the chief villain, including those unsalvageable demons now scrambling to possess its body. For us Dafa disciples, carving out an environment for clarifying the truth and offering salvation to sentient beings peacefully and smoothly has become our most immediate and duty-bound sacred mission. If lost, this historic opportunity will never come back!