(Clearwisdom.net) She's only in her 20's. She had meant to write this article herself, but since she is still under illegal detention, I am writing this on her behalf to expose the heinous crime that Jiang Zemin's regime has committed.

This is how things happened. She went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong in 2001, but she was arrested and jailed in a detention center in Beijing, where she and other practitioners conducted a hunger strike to protest their illegal detention. She was taken aside by the evil police who tried to force her to eat, but she would rather die than eat. So they beat her severely, repeating this procedure several days in a row. Then one day, shortly after she was taken aside by the evil police, the girl returned with tears in her eyes and a painful expression on her face and started to eat by nibbling the hard corn bread little by little. We saw something was particularly wrong and asked her what had happened. She cried and told us why she had started to eat. It turned out that, after the evil police took her aside, they stripped her and, while burning her vagina with a cigarette, asked her if she would start to eat or not. She was still a girl, and she could not stand that completely inhumane and degrading torture from the evil police. She would have had to suffer the same thing everyday if she refused eat. Everyone was shocked after hearing this. What crime have we committed that the police can treat us like this! Indeed, I cannot find the words to describe their sadistic behavior.

After she was taken back to her hometown, she was sent to the Shenxin Labor Camp in Liaoning province. At the labor camp, the police put poison in practitioners' food in order to force them to give up Dafa,. She noticed it as the food was tinged with red. She also noticed the strange behaviors and facial expressions of the evil policemen, who used to be very violent but suddenly became so warm and caring towards them. She thought, I am cultivating with Falun Dafa, poison cannot have any effect on us. Then she and the others ate the food. The next day the police came to see how they were doing. After they found nothing at all wrong with them they were too frightened to remain. A few days after this the labor camp had these policemen transferred, fearing that this incident would be exposed. That is why no one has heard about this until now.

In order to force us to give up Dafa, Jiang and his accomplices have exhausted every possible means, including the most inhumane. But these efforts are futile, no matter how extreme, because we will not give up Dafa, we will firmly proclaim our loyalty to Dafa, and we will safeguard Dafa with our lives.