(Clearwisdom.net) In the past, I did not have a good understanding of sending forth righteous thoughts. I am one who does not usually feel or see reactions to my sending forth righteous thoughts. I simply sent forth righteous thoughts mechanically whenever the time came. Sometimes I even had doubts whether my righteous thoughts would have any effect. After sharing with other practitioners, I discovered that many of them shared the same doubts. One night, however, I sat in the lotus position and started to send forth righteous thoughts. I was very calm and soon I felt myself merging into an energy field. I was emanating very strong energy and felt enormously tall. I felt calm and compassionate. I felt I had the power to achieve anything. My thoughts were so strong that they could shatter mountains and overturn oceans. After silently reciting, "the Fa rectifies the cosmos, the Evil is completely eliminated," I suddenly saw through my third eye that my hand was golden and shiny, as large as half the sky. One ripple of thought rays after another was sent out through the limitless universe with power so righteous and strong that it is beyond mere words to describe. Next, a net made of colorful light flew outward. At first the holes in the net were large, then they gradually grew smaller as the net covered the entire sky. I saw huge snakes turn into powdered dust in the fire and turtles dissolve into water. The evil was eliminated wherever my energy went.

Since then, I have deeply realized the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts. Do not have doubts even if there are no apparent reactions or effects in this dimension. Teacher's words are always correct and we must maintain our firm belief. Fellow practitioners, let us send forth more righteous thoughts and eliminate the evil as soon as possible.