The Director of German International Human Rights Organization also Wears a Yellow Scarf

On April 8, once the press conference convened by Falun Gong practitioners was over, reporters raised some questions to the person in charge of German International Human Rights Organization. Some examples of the questions follow:

Question: Do you think Jiang Zemin is afraid of Falun Gong?

The director of Human Rights: Yes, he is afraid of a lot of things, so he does what he wants to do without restraint.

Question: "You also wear a yellow scarf printed with the words Falun Gong. Why do you help Falun Gong to raise awareness?"

Answer: "You can observe they are a group of people who are very hopeful and benevolent. Wouldn't you speak out for them? Therefore, I also wear this scarf."

Question: "Do you think the kinds of protests performed by Falun Gong are good?"

Answer: "I think their form of protest is extremely good. They are so peaceful. They simply demonstrate their movements and clarify the truth to people. This kind of protest form should be promoted."

Question: "Do you believe the information Falun Gong provides?"

Answer: "Generally, we refer to the numbers and information provided by human rights organizations. However, in many cases they cannot keep abreast with such areas as missing persons. An example of this situation is Xiong Wei, who was a student in Germany, and suddenly went missing in Beijing. Later on, we found out that she was arrested through another channel. There are a lot of these types of cases."

Question: "As a human rights organization, what is the goal you want to achieve on the issue of Chinese human rights?"

Answer: "Jiang Zemin may do what he wants to do, say what he wants to say and goes to places he wants to go. However, he does not allow his people to have the basic freedoms of opinion and belief. This is what we must try to do. Human beings should enjoy all of their fundamental freedoms."

A Voice from Friends of Falun Gong

At the press conference held by Falun Gong on April 8, the president of the "Friends of Falun Gong in Europe" association, Lord Moyne, specifically came from England to Berlin to give a speech. He said, "This association has spent the last two years using all its efforts to attain the release of Zhao Ming. Zhao Ming is extremely grateful to the Irish government and all the public figures, from all walks of life, who have given of time and energy for this matter."

Lord Moyne also exposed another recent lie from the Chinese (Jiang Zemin) government at the press conference. He stated that an Irish official was told by the Chinese officials that Zhao Ming did not receive any punishments in prison. Lord Moyne's public reply to this statement was, " The Chinese government is lying. Zhao Ming's leg was beaten almost until it was paralyzed. He was often shocked by high-voltage electric batons and they also did not allow him to sleep for extended periods of time. Can they deny these actions? And right now, they have also imprisoned Ms Xiong Wei, a former student from Berlin. We together must make every effort to rescue her."

Finally, he appealed to everybody: "Write letters to the Premier and the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, let them know Xiong Wei was arrested and ask them to raise this issue with Jiang Zemin so she can be released."