I have worked in the police force for many years, but it was 1999 before I came into contact with Falun Gong. I did not understand much about Falun Gong, just that quite a few people had become healthier after practicing it, and they were of high moral and ideological caliber. But I started to loathe Falun Gong after receiving the one-sided propaganda [from the Jiang regime] after July 20,1999. Without hesitation, I cursed and beat Falun Gong practitioners who were arrested. Some practitioners were quite strong and hefty, and I wouldn't have been able to tackle them if they were to fight back. Yet, they never fought or cursed back. Even though they were bruised and wounded all over due to the beatings, they still patiently talked to us about the truth of Falun Gong. In the beginning I was quite annoyed, but after a while, I started to ponder. Most practitioners were well-educated. There were government officials, workers, teachers, university students, lawyers and even doctoral students. Were they all fools? Were they all of low IQ? That couldn't be. Why did they have such unshakeable faith in Falun Gong?

Afterwards, I had numerous opportunities to talk to Falun Gong practitioners, and I also received truth-clarifying materials from some of them. I read them all discretely. I even hid several copies of confiscated Falun Gong books. Later on, I even read Zhuan Falun when no one was looking. I started to realize that the Teacher of Falun Gong was no ordinary man. He imparted something that is truly broad and has very profound meanings, "...from particles and molecules to the universe, from the even smaller to the even greater. It is an exposition of the characteristic of the universe, 'Zhen-Shan-Ren,' expressed at different levels with different layers of meaning. It is also what the Tao School calls the 'Tao,' or what the Buddha School calls the 'Fa' " ("Lunyu"). I genuinely recognized that Falun Dafa is an even higher science, the truth of the universe. This Fa is so precious, no wonder these Dafa practitioners had such resolute faith in Falun Dafa. Why couldn't I be like them? I was miserable and remorseful for my own conduct, and I knew I indeed committed crimes against Dafa. From deep in my heart I knew I also wanted to become a Dafa practitioner, but I was afraid that I would never be fit to be one. I had no idea if Teacher even wanted me, someone who had sinned against Dafa. I became so troubled in my heart.

As time went by, I attempted to have a dialogue with some Dafa practitioners. I explored with them on whether someone like me, who had done bad things to Dafa, could still cultivate? They replied, "Teacher is very benevolent. If you could mend your thoughts and conduct, you could cultivate. If you truly cultivate, Teacher will treat you as a genuine disciple. Regardless of what kind of bad deeds that you had done, if your true intention to genuinely cultivate emerges, this thought would be most sacred." I felt a little better. I began to plan my own future from square one again.

During the past few years, I have personally witnessed Dafa practitioners' "Be selfless and altruistic, and consider others first." In whatever they do, they would consider others first. They consciously adhere to the principle of the universe, "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance," in their conduct and behavior. Their conduct had a deep and profound impact on me. I also learned that, at present, people in over fifty countries are practicing Falun Gong. Among them are experts and specialists, scholars, professors, and even congressmen. They come from different countries, societies and professions. This illustrated that Dafa has transcended the boundary of ethnicity, culture and nationality. Dafa transmitted the truth of the universe to every part of the world. Falun Dafa is the genuine cultivation way based on the Buddha School and it could truly help bring man's virtue back to the true origin. It is the human race's fortune that Dafa is being spread far and wide today. Dafa practitioners are all good people, yet they were subjected to such brutal and cruel torture, detention, beatings, and forced labor re-education. Some were subjected to jail sentences up of several years or even longer than 10 years. During the Chinese New Year 2002, in the prison where I worked, the illegally detained Falun Gong practitioners were subjected to 4-13 year jail sentences. I just could not control my emotions whenever I thought of the scene of the day when they were sent to the prison. On that day, a dozen of them formed two lines. Male practitioners were wearing foot shackles, and female practitioners were wearing handcuffs. I overheard the few words that they said to encourage each other, and those words were deeply etched in my head. They said, "We wear handcuffs and shackles along the long street, just because we cultivate Falun Gong. Today we face a sentence and punishment in prison, yet in fact, we are going to create a new Fa rectification environment. When the Fa rectification comes to completion, that will be the day all Dafa practitioners will reunite again." It was an unforgettable scene. I secretly shed tears at this event that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

I feel sad and grieved whenever I recall that event. I cannot understand why they were sentenced to long prison terms and forced away from their homes just because they stood up for the truth and salvation of people. In fact, I have already heard about the orders [from Chinese dictator Jiang], "If they are beaten to death they will die in vain; their death will be counted as suicide if they are beaten to death," and "Smear Falun Gong's reputation, undermine Falun Gong practitioners' economic well being, destroy their physical existence." I felt puzzled and lost. I felt that it is so chaotic today that it resembles life during the "Culture Revolution." I even had thoughts of going to Beijing to find out exactly what is behind all this, but in the end I did not dare to go since I have not totally gotten rid of my attachment of fear.

Regardless of how strict the orders were to persecute Falun Gong, I believe that we in the police force must never treat Dafa practitioners brutally like we did in the past. This is because they are all good people and what they are trying to do is to provide salvation to people in this world. They want "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance" to fill people's heart. Yet we treated their sincere good nature as unscrupulous motives and carried out atrocious persecution against them. It shouldn't be like that. The Buddhas, Taos and Gods really exist in this universe, so do other dimensions, reincarnation and retribution. "A person--no matter who he is--must himself pay for all of the bad things he has done in the world." ("Drive Out Interference") This is the law of heaven.

My fellow police officers, let us all step forward to safeguard the kind and gentle-hearted people. If we can all do so then we will have created a beautiful future for ourselves.

April 5, 2002