The final stage of Fa-rectification is taking place. Through studying the Fa, Dafa practitioners know that there are mainly three situations playing a decisive role in the overall arrangement of the Fa-rectification process. First, the vast majority of the Chinese people know the truth. Second, Dafa practitioners are collectively sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate evil completely, causing the remaining evil to be unable to sustain the state of affairs that they desire. Third, overall, Dafa practitioners as a whole have met the standard for Consummation. Therefore, we collectively have a strong sense of urgency and responsibility. It demonstrates our precious righteous thoughts in Fa-rectification. However, another phenomenon has also appeared at the same time. Some practitioners realized that from the basis of Fa-rectification, they should do something, so they put all their efforts into doing it hurriedly. However, they didn't understand how to do it well enough so as to meet the standard and need of overall Fa-rectification. When encountering difficulties, they tried to overcome them mainly through working harder and putting in more effort, and not always achieving the proper effect.

I have also encountered such occasions, and felt that I was unable to do what I wanted very much to do. Later, I found that this phenomenon actually resulted from my insufficient righteous thoughts and beliefs, as well as the limitation of my own level. During today's Fa-rectification the requirements for Dafa practitioners are very strict. If our xinxing (mind or heart nature; moral character) and Fa-study cannot meet the standard, the area within which our ability has effect will certainly be very limited. It is very difficult for us to break through this limitation with human notions no matter how much effort we make. Moreover, the old evil forces will seize the chance to take advantage of this gap and interfere with us. In other words, this obstacle, to a great extent, results from both our inadequate xinxing and the so-called "tests" of the evil force.

Master said in the article "Non-Omission in Buddha-Nature" (Essentials for Further Advancement), "I also want to tell you that your nature in the past was actually based on egotism and selfishness. From now on, whatever you do, you should consider others first, so as to attain the righteous Enlightenment of selflessness and altruism. So from now on, whatever you do or whatever you say, you must consider others -- or even future generations -- along with Dafa's eternal stability." I have realized that the new cosmos is pure and selfless. It might be acceptable that we didn't know before how to genuinely achieve "selflessness and altruism," but now it's time to attain "non-omission in Buddha-nature." We must completely eliminate the remaining xinxing problems and any misunderstanding of the principles of the Fa from our previous self-cultivation. Only if we are able to accomplish this, can we reach the standard of the new cosmos and the standard of great Consummation that Fa-rectification Dafa disciples should reach.

After enlightening to this, I would take inefficiency in my work, distracting thoughts or wavering in my determination as an instant warning, and immediately calm my mind, study the Fa, and send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil from both my mind and all the dimensions that I am supposed to be responsible for. After doing so, I found that I have become free from the passive feeling of "there is never enough time." My mind and wisdom have become broader, and I have broken free of the feeling of being "unable to do what I want very much to do". Because Dafa is all-powerful, when we reach the standard of "selflessness and altruism", when we actually have assimilated to Dafa and entered the new cosmos, our ability, wisdom and energy would naturally become part of the boundless Dafa. It is not that we would become remarkable as individuals, but after we have genuinely melted into the Fa, the power of the Fa can be fully revealed through us.