(1) Theater director Zhang Guangmin of Gaoling County had written the script to a play in late 2001 to slander Dafa. This play was shown in the towns and villages of the county. On January 3 of the 2002 lunar calendar, he and his son rode a motorcycle together. They hit a car and both died.

(2) Xi'an Square Police Station officer Chen Tingkai of Luyuan District, Changchun City, Jilin Province had kidnapped over 10 Dafa practitioners. On April 5, this vicious policeman died in a car crash, and his accompanying relatives were also severely injured.

(3) Deputy Chief Ke Jicheng of Anlu City Police Department in Hubei Province was involved in a traffic accident when he traveled to Beijing to arrest Dafa practitioners. Glass from the broken windshield had deeply cut his face. He knew it was retribution and was remorseful of his actions.

(4) In late March, the chief in a suburb of Lanzhou City, Gansu Province cooperated with people from the police station to kidnap and take a Dafa practitioner to a brainwashing class. Several days later his eyes became swollen and red. Upon hearing the principles of retribution from Dafa practitioners, he suddenly repented and went to the brainwashing class himself to get the Dafa practitioner back.