On April 2nd, all state-run media in Changchun aired reports of Changchun police kidnapping suspected Falun Dafa practitioners following a surprise TV broadcast supporting Falun Gong that reached a million viewers. In the news reports, Liu Chengjun is framed as "attacking the police" during the forced kidnapping, although the only evidence shown was a scene of a damaged car. The media intended to draw the public's attention from the controversy of the "Self-Immolation or Deception?" truth-clarification program broadcast on the Changchun Cable TV Network , which presented evidence that the January 2001 immolations in Beijing were staged by the government. The news report tried to conclude this incident hastily in a little over a hundred words without giving any convincing evidence, which exposed the guilty conscience of the individuals in authority.

Lawless officials in Jilin Province are once again playing tricks to slander and defame Falun Gong. According to internal information from local cities and counties in Jilin Province, the Public Safety Department spread rumors of Falun Gong "attempting to kidnap100-200 underage children." The students' parents in all schools were informed to pick up their children earlier than usual so as to create panic and provoke hatred.

Sandstorm Covers the Sky

At around noon on April 2nd, the worst sandstorm to date hit the Changchun area. In an instant, the city became gray, with visibility limited to 50 meters. Recently, the weather forecasts reported by the media obtained from the Meteorology Bureau have been inaccurate. It has maintained a low profile in covering the sandstorms by not reporting it or de-emphasizing its severity.