(Clearwisdom.net - April 12, 2002) Today, Jiang Zemin visited the City of Goslar. The entire police force was engaged and the whole city was guarded with top-level security. All stores were forced to close before 16:00 and all residents were required to stay in home after 16:00. No Chinese were allowed on the street and the whole city seemed deserted. This made the residents of Goslar very angry. They complained that this was something that had never happened before and it was apparent that it came from the dictator. 90% of the citizens in Goslar felt disgusted with Jiang and they were very happy to receive the truth-clarifying materials handed out by practitioners. Some German residents called out "Falun Dafa Hao" (Falun Dafa is Good) together with Dafa practitioners when Jiang's motorcade passed on the street.

Some local policemen told Dafa practitioners that everyone knows Jiang Zemin is a criminal and a terrorist, and are very sympathetic with their cause. But the police have to follow orders from higher-up.

An important note: overseas Falun Dafa practitioners, especially those who have gathered in Germany from all over the world, will continuously send forth righteous thoughts every hour on the hour before Jiang Zemin returns to Beijing. All practitioners who see this message, please inform other practitioners and immediately join this global effort.