(Clearwisdom.net) Five Dafa practitioners were detained in the third cell of the No. 2 Detention Center at Shuangcheng City, Heiluongjiang Province. Their names are: Wang Jinguo, Shi Zuosheng,Yan Shanzhu, Jiang Honglin and Liu Yanqing. They endured various brutal tortures.

The perpetrators who committed the torture:

Li Huaixin, guard

Pu Mingxing, the ring-leader (inmate), 28 years old, a worker at Shuangcheng Linen factory

Liu Zhiguo, roughneck (inmate), 23 years old, a native of Shuangcheng Southwest Corner.

Wang Xiaobao, roughneck (inmate), 20 years old, a native of Shuangcheng Northwest Corner.

They used brutal methods to torture Dafa practitioners as described below:

Flying an airplane -- raising both arms up from the back against the wall with the head bending downward in an extreme angle.

Beating the pickle -- Punching the face with both fists.

Tyson punch -- Forcing the victim's back against the wall while punching his/her chest.

Chest kicking -- Kicking victim's chest and back with hard boots.

Electrical generator --Victim raises hands and touches the upper door frame while standing on tiptoe. A bowl is positioned in front of his body. The person remains in this position until his sweat fills half of the bowl.

Other tortures include, forced bleeding, board locking for head and hands, boating (definition unclear) and flicking-the-light-bulb (flicking the eye balls). (For a detailed description of many other forms of torture used in forced labor camps, see http://www.geocities.com/transrefs/Torture-tr.html)

Every day after dinner, the Dafa practitioners are tortured.

Once, practitioner Shi Zuosheng was the victim of the board locking torture. The thugs chopped the back of his hand with a hard plastic shoe sole more than 20 times. After that, his hands were swollen badly, and turned dark purple. The perpetrators even stepped on his swollen hands and smashed his hands.

The thugs Liu Zhiguo and Wang Xiaobao used the Tyson punch to torture practitioners Shi Zuosheng and Liu Yanqing. In addition, they also used a torture called "Trimming-the-Back" on Liu Yanqing. The severe torture left Liu so weak that he collapsed during a bathroom break and could not get up. He was carried to another cell by the guards.

Practitioner Wang Jinguo suffered even more tremendously. They forced him to lie down on the concrete floor, and gagged his mouth with a leather belt. The roughneck would put Wang Jinguo in a shackle, lift Wang onto his shoulder with the shackle and spin around a couple of times, then throw him on the floor. They also used "flicking-the-light-bulb." [While holding the victims eyes open, the criminals flick his eyeballs with fingers] The torture was so excruciating that tears rushed out of Wang's eyes in a stream. They also tortured him with "beating-the-pickle." [as describe above] As a result, Wang could not even sit up. He vomited violently and was not able to eat or drink for three to four days.

Torture by the inmates at the No. 2 Detention Center is commonplace. If the victims dare to report it, the consequences are even worse. The guards would say that the cell heads were useless and their incompetence [in intimidating the practitioners] harmed their performance and bonus.

The common criminal inmates sometimes fight each other and both parties suffer injuries. Dafa practitioners, on the other hand, never fight back. They endure all the sufferings. The management in detention established a quota for a "reform" or the rate of "guarantee." Encouraged by the guards' indifference, some evil inmates brutally tortured Dafa practitioners. Some practitioners have been severely injured, disabled, and even killed.

Here, we warn all the people who are involved in the persecution, from government officials to criminal inmates: Stop the persecution, or face terrible consequences.