(Clearwisdom Net) CPC officials have recently launched a rumor-mongering campaign in the Siping area of Jilin Province. Government organizations have given instructions to their subordinates and authorities to circulate rumors in schools and nursery schools.

1. In official meetings, authorities spread rumors that some Falun Gong practitioners were harboring thoughts of taking revenge on the public police, court police, and guards in the forced labor camps.

2. School teachers told students to be careful with the drinking water and claimed that there was danger of it being poisoned by Falun Gong.

3. Kindergarten teachers told children not to play alone because Falun Gong might abduct them.

Some local authorities blamed Falun Gong practitioners for committing arson. To deceive people, local police and Party officials publicly announced that the fire in Tiande Township, Xifeng County, Liaoning Province was started by a Falun Gong practitioner. A few days later, the true person responsible was arrested and discovered to be someone who was mentally deranged.

5. Ridgewest Elementary School teachers in Ridgeprincess City were instructed to tell pupils not to go outside in the evening because someone was planning to kill people.

6. Immediately after the population survey last year, authorities began a new one that lasted two months. The purpose was to find the Falun Dafa practitioners who were forced to leave home and wander about. By employing a tremendous amount of manpower and material resources, the authorities showed their vicious intentions.

Through all this, Jiang's scoundrel gang has gone to desperate extremes. They have stopped at nothing in propagandizing lies and slander about Falun Dafa. They have instigated animosity among deceived people, which would cause the destruction of beings. Additionally, they are cooking up a pretext for Jiang's furthering the bloody persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners, which includes guiltless shooting and killing.