Cases of retribution from Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province:

  • Guan Wenliang, Administration Secretary of Shuiquan County took part in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. Recently his car ran into a tree. He was admitted to the hospital and had to spend about 7,000 Yuan on medical expenses. Living in the same village, Wu Jingzhi, Wang Yanchun and Wu Yanming were also involved in the illegal detention of Dafa practitioners and destruction of Dafa materials. Recently they contracted an unknown skin disease and became terribly ill

  • Zhao Yuxi of Yuejin Village, Tuanjie County, was involved in the unlawful detention of Falun Gong practitioners. In autumn 2001, he broke his leg in a car accident. A steel plate had to be inserted into his leg and he now uses crutches to walk. Recently, a villager named Ma Jichang who had said many slanderous words about Dafa, fell seriously ill. Another villager Wang Xinghai from the same county was also involved in the illegal detention of Falun Gong practitioners. Not long ago, his son fell quite ill and he had to spend a lot of money on medical fees.

Cases of retribution from Fanjiatun Town of Gongzhuling City, Siping District, Jilin Province:

  • Zhao Xuejun had been involved in watching Dafa practitioners and reporting their activities to the authorities. He also encouraged people to slander Dafa. In January of this year, for no apparent reason, his 23 year-old son was caught in a juicing machine and crushed into three pieces.
  • In October 2001, two police officers from Tienan Police Station, who were involved in persecuting Dafa practitioners, were seriously injured by an explosion while working in the office.

Cases of retribution from Sanhe City, Hebei Province:

  • Yao Guangcai, aged 40, Assistant Secretary and Office Administrator of Juyang Town, was involved with tracking and persecuting Dafa practitioners. Recently, he contracted some unknown diseases, and was forced to stop working.
  • Zhao Xu, aged 30, Office Assistant of Juyang Town, was involved in persecuting Dafa practitioners. Late last year, for about six months, he was seriously ill and was constantly admitted to the hospital.

In another case of immediate retribution, the District Officer of Fusong County, Jilin Province, had been treating practitioners unlawfully and slandering Dafa. Recently his mother celebrated her birthday. The following day, over ten thousand Yuan was robbed from his home. Despite an intensive search by the county police, the money was never recovered.

After tearing down Dafa posters, a resident from Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province found that his middle finger had become swollen, giving him an unbearable pain. When he regretted what he had done, the pain disappeared. Amazed by the mysteriousness of Dafa, he started to learn Dafa.