April 7, 2002

(Clearwisdom.net) That was one unforgettable experience. He and I were arrested together. On the way to the detention center, I was very afraid and my legs were shaking. I heard that this detention center was very bad and people had been beaten to death there. It was dark, and although he could not see, he quietly put his hand on the back of my hand, as if he knew how I felt. He quietly looked at me. I was affected by his strong and selfless righteous thoughts, and soon my heart calmed down. He knew I was no longer nervous. He tightly clasped my hand, without saying anything.

When I saw him again, he had already been through all the brutal tortures. The forceful hands were no longer able to move. But his eyes, which were the only part of his body that could still freely move, were still limpid and serene.

"Through all of this, have you ever doubted?" I asked. "I have never doubted Master and Dafa." He calmly said. "I haven't done much for Dafa yet I am leaving." This was his only matter of regret.

Before long he left this world due to the severe torture, but I can still see his serene eyes. This is my testimony to one great Dafa practitioner. Actually I only mentioned one point. What he had done to assist Master with Fa-rectification and what he suffered in order to suffocate the evil, all benevolent beings will shed tears upon hearing.