My name is Zou Guirong. On the morning of April 19, 2001, I and nine other women Dafa practitioners, including Yin Liping, Ren Dongmei, and Zhou Yanbo, who were brutally tortured in the women's second section of the Masanjia Labor Camp, were secretly sent to the Zhangshi Labor Camp in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. The Masanjia Labor Camp was afraid that we determined Dafa practitioners would disclose the truth to those who came to tour the labor camp about how we were tortured, so they quickly sent us away. Among us, one older fellow practitioner was sent away because she had high blood pressure. Male practitioner Peng Geng and one other person were also sent there with us.

After we arrived in the Zhangshi Labor Camp, 3 male collaborators [former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture] in the camp, and one female collaborator, who were specifically invited from Shenyang's Longshan Labor Camp, surrounded each of the nine female practitioners including myself. These people were responsible to watch and brainwash us. The nine of us were split up and kept in nine different rooms. We were forced to live and eat together with these collaborators in close quarters. They didn't let us have contact with each other or let us leave our rooms. What's more, they didn't let us get near the gateway. When we had our periods, we sometimes had to change sanitary towels in the rooms.

Deputy Chief of the labor camp, Chen, who was in charge of persecuting Falun Gong, ordered some collaborators to brainwash us day and night, taking turns among them to wear us out. They continually forced their crooked heresy on us for many days and nights. If you did not listen to what they said, they would pull, push, and drag you, and then press you down and not let you move, then force you to listen. It was 24 hours a day, yet we could only get one hour of sleep each day. It was almost all day and all night that these collaborators were pestering and harassing us. Late at night, when we were extremely sleepy and our eyes would begin to close, these people would poke and stab at us to wake us up. The collaborators however could take shifts in sleeping and brainwashing us. Every day, we felt lightheaded, almost at the point of collapse. The male collaborators had cameras and took random pictures of us. They also made indecent sexual moves toward the female practitioners with the consent from the labor camp.

Yin Liping, Ren Dongmei, and I, did not follow the commands of the collaborators. At midnight, I was pressed to sit against the wall by a collaborator, whose surname was Liu. He pushed me and rammed my head against the wall because I did not follow what he said. Because I was dragged and pushed forcibly by male and female collaborators, I yelled and screamed loudly. Late at night, when I was endlessly entangled and harassed by a collaborator, and I couldn't get rid of him, so I ran to the door and started banging on the sealed door. Yin Liping, and Ren Dongmei both knocked on the doors of the other two rooms to protest the insolent behavior of the collaborators. The male collaborators were scared to drag me back. Yin Liping ran out into the hallway and shouted to expose the evilness of the labor camp. Later, we refused to cooperate with them, and began a hunger strike to protest the cruelty of how the Zhangshi Labor Camp tried to destroy Dafa practitioner's bodies and minds.

When collaborator Ma Bo saw me not eating, he sat close beside me so that I couldn't move, and began to say some things that disgusted me. I really abhor their disrespectful behavior. Seeing the once well-behaved Dafa practitioners "transformed" into such persons, I felt extremely sad.

After Yin Liping, Ren Dongmei, and I, had been on a hunger strike for 3 days, we left

the Zhangshi Labor Camp and were sent to the Shenxin Labor Camp.

On May 4, the police guard of the women's second section of the Masanjia Labor Camp, Wang Shuzeng, came to the Shenxin Labor Camp and gave Yin Liping, Ren Donmei, and I, extended labor camp terms. Therefore, we started another hunger strike to request our unconditional release. During our hunger strike, police guards had male labor camp workers drag us away and force-feed us every day. After a few days, the guards placed Yin Liping and me in confinement, and forced us to have an intravenous drip. Because I refused to accept this evil, I pulled the needle out. The police guards had male laborers brutally beat me. I was beaten so hard that my teeth were extremely sore and my face became swollen. The imprints of five fingers left clear marks on my face.

Eleven days later, they sent Yin Liping, Zhou Yanbo (joined the hunger strike later), and myself to the underground monitoring hospital of Dabei Labor Camp. This place was very damp and shady. We could not see the light of day. There was no difference between daytime and nighttime. The bed sheets we used were damp and extremely dirty. At the end of the hallway was a bathroom. Beds in the hallway were located right next to the bathroom. That day, three of us were assigned two beds in the hallway. The bedding was extremely worn-out and the covers were extremely filthy.

After more than ten days there, the three of us were taken back to the Shenxin Labor Camp. On the third day after our return, the police guard told us to put on the labor camp uniforms. However, Yin Liping and I refused. We firmly refused to wear the clothes of criminals. Yin Liping was shocked with electric batons. After she collapsed, she was carried to the confinement cell. I was also pulled into the confinement cell by some female police guards. Five or six female police guards came at me at once. Flustered and exasperated, they pressed me onto the floor, and punched and kicked me violently. They forcibly tore off the clothes I was wearing, and put on the labor camp uniform. They threw my clothes into the bathroom and did not let me wear them. I was then locked in a confinement cell.

Yin Liping and I started another hunger strike. We protested the crime of the police guards' persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners. The police guards had male laborers administer force-feeding. When Yin Liping was being dragged somewhere to be force-fed, she clarified the truth to those in the labor camp, and disclosed the evil on the way. She was hit on her waist by an evil police guard. Yin Liping cried out in extreme pain. It hurt when she walked. Two people supported her sides and walked step by step with her. It was hard for her to sit down on the toilet. In the afternoon of that day, there was an unknown leader who came to inspect confinement cells. I shouted out loudly, "You guys lock us Falun Dafa practitioners up indefinitely. We suffer all kinds of torture, and you still say we have no affection and are hurting our families? Who is really hurting our families? Your policemen beat our innocent Falun Dafa practitioners so brutally that they cannot walk." He was rendered speechless.

During the course of my confinement, the police guard, Song Xiaoshi, used the electric baton to shock me many times. Once, he handcuffed me to an iron pole of the confinement cell. He held one baton in each hand and shocked me with both at the same time. However, the batons backfired and shocked him. So he called another police guard to bring two more batons to shock me but it again backfired and shocked the guard. They said it was leaking power. He didn't know that this was the retribution in this lifetime.

A few days later, Shenxin Labor Camp again sent Yin Liping and me to the Dabei Monitoring Hospital. At that time, Yin Liping's injured back had not healed and she could hardly walk. I also had marks on my whole body from the electric batons and beating. The female criminals in the same room sympathized for us and said that the police were without human nature. A couple of days after that, Zhou Yanbo was also sent to the same hospital.


One day, Deng Yang, the director assistant of Shenxin Labor Camp, led three policemen, Xu, Tang, and Wang to the underground hospital on the orders of director Liu Jing; they wanted to talk to me. I was summoned from the women's house and asked about some things. They recorded my answers and forced me to sign the record with my fingerprint. I saw the record was not accurate and tore it up. They were very angered by this, the four officers pushed me down on the sofa and beat my head viciously with their fists. I shouted, "Police are beating me! Police are beating me!! Police violate the law to beat people up!" My shouts shocked the practitioners in the women's house. Yin Liping and Zhou Yanbo came towards the iron gate and shouted into the room, "Shenxin Labor Camp beats people, the police in Shenxin Labor Camp beat people!" Upon hearing the commotion at the gate the guards rushed to my room and opened the door. Those four police immediately stopped beating me and stood up as if nothing had happened. After the guards went away, two of the police forced me to put my fingerprint on an investigation record; they tried twice until I shouted, "Police interrogate me with force! Police interrogate me with force!" The guard opened the door and asked me not to shout. But I told him "They beat and forced me. If I didn't speak out, they would torture me further." The guard took me back to the women's house. Sister Wang, a non-practitioner, said: "Shenxin police are crazy and even beat people up in the hospital." The housemates saw a big red bruise on my neck. I had almost lost consciousness during the beating by the four policemen.


Since that day, five practitioners, Yin Liping, Zhou Yanbo, Wang Jie, Li Shuzhen and I staged a hunger strike together to protest the brutal deeds done by the Shenxin Labor Camp policemen at that hospital. Nine days later, I was forced to take food intravenously. Since I didn't cooperate with them and pulled out the needles each time, the male prisoner who was assigned to give me the injection became very angry and slapped my arm severely and made my arm black and blue. The hospital has its own nurses and doctors, but it persecutes Dafa practitioners by using other prisoners to give us the injections. They saw that I didn't cooperate with them, so they handcuffed my hands and feet to the ends of the bed. My body was forced into a "Y" shape. My feet were fettered tightly and I couldn't move them without extreme pain. The fetters were very rusty and caused the bed sheet to be ruined by stains. My body couldn't move, so I used my mouth to bite the tube. Later, the guard found it hard to find a vein to give the injection. The guard from the women's house threatened to cut the vein open to give the injection.

A dozen days later, the hospital fed us by force. The first day, they didn't succeed, but they continued trying the second day. A male prisoner dragged me down from the bed to the feeding room, where they held me down on a long bench and inserted the feeding tube a dozen times, but I kept spitting out the tube. They became impatient, and pushed me into a chair by the wall, where one of two prisoners held my one arm, while the other pushed my head back against the wall to feed me but they still failed. This time, they became enraged and slammed my head into the wall by pulling my hair. They made me lay down on the chair because sitting didn't work. Two female prisoners held my legs, a male prisoner grabbed my hair, my mouth was held open with newspaper and towels, but they still couldn't do the feeding. An elderly nurse named Zhu slapped my ear and kicked my legs, then said with anger, "I will do whatever it takes to feed you today. I'm a fascist, you are Liu Hulan (a female hero in Chinese history); I am the right fascist to deal with you." Meanwhile she slandered our teacher and Dafa, and said other indecent words to insult practitioners. At that time, my body and soul were extremely exhausted, but they didn't let me go; instead they force-fed more than thirty times. This lasted for two hours. When I was dragged out of the room, I couldn't tell where I was.

I couldn't breathe well after I was dragged back to the hallway where I stayed. I had been shocked with four batons by four female prison guards at the women's second section in Masanjia Labor Camp, where I was beaten up by the collaborators until my eyes congested and I lost control of my bowels and bladder and nearly died. I was tortured by being deprived of sleep for five days by female police officer Qiu Ping and forced to squat down for five days and five and one-half nights and didn't even cry. But this time I was so severely tortured that the pain is beyond words. (Sun Hongyan was tortured to death there at the Dabei Jail Underground Hospital by force-feeding.)

That night, I was forced to accept an injection and felt a sudden pain in my chest. The doctor on duty came to check my heart and chest. My heartbeat was abnormal and my lungs had darkened. The diagnosis of the next day showed the same result. The hospital had to notify Shenxin Labor Camp that I was in critical condition, at that time I have already been throwing up blood for many days.

About 8 o'clock on August 10th, 2001, the labor camp picked up Yin Liping, Zhou Yanbo and I from the underground hospital in three police vans. Yin Liping and I were sent back home immediately. Zhou Yanbo was denied release because she had accepted a cup of milk from the evil guards. Her family was not allowed to pick her up the next day, until they paid 3000 Yuan. [500 Yuan is a month's salary for an urban worker in China.]

My family came to pick me up at midnight. Those police who sent me back asked for money. I told my family, "Don't give them a single penny! I have been held in the "re-education" camp for almost two years and in six evil labor camps, where I have suffered and been tortured severely. They haven't given me any compensation for the loss and suffering of my body and soul, instead they even ask for money." Because my family could see clearly the true evil nature they did not cooperate with them. Those police had to leave secretly.

I spent four months on a hunger strike before I was finally freed and could return to my family.