In January 2002, the police started another round of persecution against Dafa practitioners in Division 7 of Wanjia Forced Labor Camp. On January 11th, the police ordered us to stay away from the beds on the 3rd floor. They sent Dafa practitioners to the ground floor, where it was dark, damp and cold. It didn't concern them that many Dafa practitioners had scabies and they continued to force us to sit on wooden benches. Many were crowded into one room. The conditions were horrible. We were not allowed to study the Fa, send forth righteous thoughts or do the exercises. Tortures continued one after another in the Wanjia Labor Camp.

Falun Dafa practitioners in Class 2 were sending forth righteous thoughts together when the police on duty came out to beat us. They knocked over the tables and benches, making a lot of noise. They used water thermoses and wooden sticks to beat us and broke several of them in the process. Dirty mops and brooms were also used to beat practitioners and they also punched, kicked, and cursed us. All 21 practitioners were beaten with bruises covering their whole body. On the morning of January 19th, we were sending forth righteous thoughts when the policewoman Li Xiuhua kicked Liu Xiulan very hard. She slapped Liu's face many times and later, broke three of her thermoses. She then punched Zhang Suqin's face, and turned to punch Liu Xiulan's face and kick her in the chest.

There were several violent incidents that occurred on January 24th. Meng Xianzhi, a 54-year-old practitioner, was sending forth the righteous thoughts. Three police, Li Xiuhua, Li Hong, and Wang Min (who received a merit award for persecuting Falun Gong) dragged her from a bench to the floor. They kicked her lower back, legs, and hips like wild beasts. Many of us couldn't bear to watch these tortures anymore so we came forward to try and stop them, but whoever stepped forward was beaten as well. My lower body and legs were swollen from the beating and I was in great pain. I had difficulty walking.

On the evening of January 27th, there were also several terrible incidents that occurred. Police Officers Wang Min and Tian Xiaoyun stopped us from sending forth righteous thoughts by dragging Sun Guifang, while just in her underpants, from the bed to the floor. They first dragged her to the Square Hall and kicked her hard with their boots. Then they dragged her to the police lounge to beat her. They beat her with all their might. Sun was beaten until she felt the sky spin. They made her stand barefoot on the cold cement floor for half an hour. Sun was found covered with bruises; her arms and ribs hurt badly. Around 9 p.m., Team Leader Wu wanted to talk to Shi Shuyan who witnessed all the tortures, but she felt too sad to talk. Policeman Zhang Hong took her to the police lounge, cursed Shi Shuyan out loud. She was beaten with the help of policemen Wang Min and Li Xiuhua. Shi Shuyan's mouth and nose bled. Zhang continued to punch Shuyan's chest several times. Zhang used her knees to repeatedly strike Shuyan's abdomen. Then policeman Wang Min shouted at her, "Don't you know this is to teach you a lesson as the director ordered!" Since then, Shi Shuyan hasn't stop coughing and the pain in her chest hasn't subsided even after two weeks.

On morning of January 28, Policeman Wang Min walked into our room and saw us sending forth the righteous thoughts. She grabbed a plastic stool and hit Zhu Chunrong's face hard. Zhu's face immediately became numb and her nose and mouth bled. Her chin became swollen and paralyzed, and several teeth were knocked loose. Her lips were cut, making her unable to drink, eat, talk or open her mouth. Policemen Wang Min, Li Hong, Li Xiuhua, and Zhang Hong beat everyone with 2-foot long wooden sticks.

On the morning of January 30th, policewoman Zhang Hong was in an angry mood and tried to grab an article out of practitioner Jiang Lihua hands. All Dafa practitioners protected the Fa by helping Jiang hide the article. Zhang Hong was infuriated. She beat us with all her might. She used her fist to punch and slap us in the face, and her boots to kick us. She pulled out our hair , scattering it all over the floor. After she finished beating us and looked at her bluish hands, which became swollen, she murmured, "Is this immediate retribution?" She still wouldn't admit her wrongdoing, and pretended to want to talk with the each of us. She took Meng Xianzhi, Sun Xiangyan, Cheng Wenting out one by one to beat them separately. This incident happened right in front of Team Leader Ji and Liu.

On the morning of February 16th (lunar calendar January 5th), we were sending forth righteous thoughts. Policeman Li Xiuhua beat Liu Xiulan's hands with a wooden stick, and then turned around to beat Zhong Xiaoyan. When Zhong grabbed the stick, Li pulled Zhong's hair and dragged her down to the floor from the bed. Li Xiuhua then used the stick, broom, and mop to beat everyone of us.

Towards the end of February when we were sending forth righteous thoughts one day, Policeman Li Xiuhua charged over to kick and slap us in a frenzy. Meng Xianzhi, Zhu Chunrong, Shi Shuyan, and Yang Lixia were all beaten.

On the morning of March 3rd, we were sending forth righteous thoughts when Police Li Hong and an inmate, Bai Xuelien, charged in to pull Falun Dafa practitioners' hair. Zhang Suqin, Zhu Chunrong, Liu Xiulan, Cheng Wenting, Tao Hongmei, and Cui Fenglan were pushed down on the bed. Li Hong slapped Cheng Wenting's face. The Team Leader targeted Meng Xianzhi and Zhu Chunrong as the key persons. Every time any Dafa practitioners were beaten, they were tortured as well. Zhu Chunrong was locked in a small cell. [The detainee is individually confined in a very small cell. The guard handcuffs the practitioner on the back in a fixed position in which the practitioner can't move nor lie down. The small cell is very damp and there is no sunshine. The detainee must urinate and defecate in the cell. Only half of a regular meal is served to the detainee being locked up. There are rats at night and the stench in the small cell is so bad that it is difficult to breath.] Zhu Chunrong is so strong and inspiring to the other Dafa practitioners that police never release her from confinement. Once when Zhu Chunrong saw policeman Li Hong beating practitioners in a frenzy, practitioner Zhu came forward to stop him. Policeman Li turned and saw practitioner Zhu, and said cruelly, "I was looking for you, and here you are!" Then policeman Li raised up the wooden stick to beat Zhu.

Meng Xianzhi did not listen to the police orders to stop practicing the exercises. The police threw a bottle at her and kicked her. Every practitioner was beaten by the police for practicing the exercises and sending forth righteous thoughts. Policemen Wang Min and Zhang Hong tied Zhong Xiaoyan onto a bunk bed and beat her. Zhong Xiaoyan's face was bleeding and swollen from being kicked by Policeman Zhang Hong. Police Wang Min cruelly kicked Cheng Wenting's face, abdomen and ribs. She was in severe pain from being kicked. Wang Yuhua is a 53-year-old practitioner, who developed scabies while in detention. The police dragged her from the bed to the floor and left her lying there.

He Ying is a 56-year-old practitioner. She told Policeman Wang Min "What you are doing is accumulating karma" when she saw her dragging practitioner Sun Guifang for sending forth righteous thoughts. Wang slapped her many times. Policeman Ni Li used a knitting needle to stab Meng Xianzhi, Zhou Fengying, Liu Xiulan, and Liu Rui in the hands and neck. Liu Xiulan's hands bled from the stabbing.

Why are these police torturing Dafa practitioners without restraint? Actually, all of this happened after Team Director Wu Jinying had a meeting with them. When he tortured Dafa practitioners, Policeman Zhang Hong shouted "The team director met with us. He ordered to simply beat those who don't follow our orders; we have torture instruments such as police batons, handcuffs, ropes and belts." Under the instruction of the directors and leaders, policemen Zhang Hong, Li Xiuhua, and Li Hong from Harbin Changlinzi Labor Camp, and Wang Min from Harbin Dongfeng Jail behaved like thugs. They cursed when they opened their mouth and beat when their hands were raised. They always carry wooden sticks to beat Falun Dafa practitioners that were sending forth righteous thoughts. They always used the excuse that Dafa practitioners were "talking" to take out them out individually to be beaten. They lost the basic human nature. At the same time, the policemen bribe the inmates with shorter terms to force them to watch Dafa practitioners. In order to reduce their terms, the inmates Bai Xuelien, Ren Hong, Fu Lina used all their might to harm these kind Dafa practitioners.

On the morning of January 28th, Dafa practitioner Jiang Rongzhen returned from the toilet to sit on the bed. Inmate Fu Lina pushed her down onto the bed several times. She covered Jiang Rongzhen's face with a quilt, choking her nose and neck. Jiang Rongzhen could hardly breathe until other Dafa practitioners stopped the criminal, at that point she was in tears and gasping for air. Fu shirked off their reprimand, while the practitioners were interrogated. Dafa practitioners endured unimaginable hardship in the Wanjia Labor Camp!

Inmate Bai Xuelien is wicked and merciless. With Ren Hong, they often help the police grab a Dafa practitioner's hair and drag them down from the bed to be beaten. Falun Dafa practitioner Cheng Wenting, Tao Hongmei, Yang Lixia were all beaten by them. Cui Fenglan was kicked by Bai Xuelien many times. Her abdomen was in a lot of pain and she could not lift her body to a straight position. Policeman Li Hong also kicked Wang Shurong's chin, while Bai Xuelien, incited by the police, used her knee to hit Wang's lower back. As a result, Wang's lower back was in pain for a long time. Since March, inmate Bai Xuelien and Ren Hong's torture has intensified. They cursed and used brooms to beat anyone sending forth righteous thoughts. They also dragged Dafa practitioners from the top of the bunk bed down directly to the floor. These vicious tortures are still happening to this day.

The food in Wanjia Labor Camp is very bad. The steamed bread are made of corn and contain shells, sand, and mouse droppings. It is often half cook and hard to swallow. The vegetable soup often contains flies and bugs. We have been eating preserved vegetable soup or turnip soup since last fall. Throughout winter and spring, we were fed cold turnip soup or preserved vegetables that smelled repulsive. The kitchen utensils were never washed.

The policemen and inmates either cursed or beat Dafa practitioners. None of the Dafa practitioners are safe. We are in great mental and physical anguish. We are all crowded in in a wet, dark room. We aren't allowed to do Dafa exercises and the food is poor. Our health has become poor in the labor camp due to various reasons including the fact that we are not allowed to do Falun Gong exercises anymore. Our health was very good and many of us were free of any diseases because we cultivate Falun Dafa. After being tortured long term, our health is deteriorating and many have scabies.

If Dafa practitioners have severe scabies, they would be sent to the hospital for "treatments." The conditions in the hospital are far worse. Two people share a bed with half a bottle of hot water. There is no hot water to wash oneself. What kind of "treatments" are they receiving? Beside injections, a non-sterilized, stainless steel spoon is used for a coining method. Scratch marks are left from the coining, making the body bleed. [Note: Coining is a technique used in Asian folk medicine in which a coin or similar object is used to scrape the skin over certain acupuncture points, usually along the spine, to stimulate the flow of qi and blood. Properly done, it can produce beneficial effects; however, in the case described above, it seems to have been done improperly with the intention to cause, rather than relieve, pain and suffering.] Some of them passed out from the pain and we could hear their painful cries. The treatments aren't effective at all. Some Dafa practitioners have been in the hospital for three months with scabies covering the body. A foul odor fills the hospital. The prison doctor doesn't help people but curses and beats them. Anyone practicing the exercises, sending forth righteous thoughts, or not cooperating with the "treatment" receives a brutal beating including being whipped on the head with brooms. If Dafa practitioners went on a hunger strike to protest the tortures, the doctors would force-feed and beat them. Lu Huiwen and Sun Lizhi were tortured in the hospital for three months. Their scabies are still very severe. They were sent to the small cell a month after coming out of the hospital until the passing of the Spring Festival. They are still terrified of recalling the tortures they have endured while in the hospital. When they were first sent to the hospital, the Team Leader said, "There is no need for Dafa practitioners to pay for the medical cost." But when their terms finished, they had to pay before being released. The medical fee were very costly for these practitioners. Zhang Bojing was in the hospital for 24 days. She had 5 penicillin injections and were charged more than 1000 Yuan [average monthly pay of an urban worker is 500 Yuan]. It is impossible for her family to pay this much but they still had to pay 500 Yuan. Tian Ying had 400 Yuan deposited in the camp, it was deducted as medical cost.

Dafa practitioners were tortured mentally and physically in the Wanjia Labor Camp. Meng Xianzhi was very healthy before being sent to the camp. Due to the poor conditions there, she developed scabies. About 2:30 p.m. on March 4th, Meng Xianzhi and two other fellow practitioners were washing their scabies in the bathroom on second floor of Building #7. She passed out within 5 minutes and was carried into a room. Her eyes were very still. She lost control of her bladder and bowels. The prison doctor measured her blood pressure to be more than 260/180. The prison hospital diagnosed her with a brain hemorrhage and sent her to Hospital #2 of Harbin Medical School. Meng Xianzhi died the next day in that hospital. Team Director Wu Jinying went to the hospital with her and came back the next day. She tried to deceive others by telling them that Meng Xianzhi was receiving a temporary parole for medical treatments outside the labor camp.

Meng Xianzhi is a resident of Honghe Development in Taiping District, Harbin City. She was arrested when sleeping in her home in July 2001 while still in her pajamas. She was sentenced to the labor camp and detained in the Team 7. During the miserable days in Wanjia Labor Camp, she was constantly beaten and cursed by Policemen Li Xiuhua, Wang Min, Li Hong, Zhang Hong, and other inmates for insisting to practice the exercises and sending forth righteous thoughts. Many times, she was dragged from the bench to the floor and kicked, slapped, and prodded. She was also dragged from the top bunk bed down to the floor. They pulled her hair and then pushed her against the bed. We could not possibly recount all the incidents here. Director Wu "talked" to her many times and tried to threaten and prevent her from doing exercises and sending forth righteous thoughts. Meng Xianzhi endured the inhuman torture and the mental abuse. The long term persecution caused her death. Those Dafa practitioners still detained in the Wanjia Labor Camp are still enduring inhuman hardships.

Falun Dafa practitioners call on all kindhearted people in the world, every government of each country, and international organizations to please care and show your concern for the persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners. Let us work together to stop the violence of Jiang and his regime, protect kind people from being harmed.

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