This year's strongest sandstorm so far swept through Jilin Province yesterday. The sky over Changchun was filled with dust. Visibility was very bad, and all flights to and from Changchun Airport were canceled.

Photo on the right was taken at Changchun Shengli (Victory) Square (Xinhua News Agency)

Ming Bao April 8, 2002. The sandstorm brought in by the strong wind two days ago continued to affect the Northern part of China. The Central Meteorology Station said in its 11 a.m. sandstorm warning on April 7 that from yesterday to today, the eastern parts of the Northwest, the central and northern parts of Northern China including Beijing and Tianjin, and the central and southern parts of Northeast China will experience sandstorms. Some areas will be hit by strong sandstorms.

Temperature to fall to 6 degrees (Celsius)

Most of the above areas will experience 5 to 7 grade wind and the temperature will drop 6 to 12 degrees. Some areas will see the temperature lowered by 14 degrees. The areas that are hit by strong sandstorms will have low visibility and strong wind. The strongest sandstorm swept through all of Jilin province yesterday morning. Visibility was around 1 kilometer. The city of Shenyang in Liaoning province also saw sandy weather yesterday.

Surge in respiratory diseases

Experts predicted that after the sandy weather passed through, increased incidences of respiratory inflammation and swelling of the throat would occur.