(Clearwisdom.net) A high-ranking official within the Public Security Bureau recently made a public statement, saying that various levels of government cannot arbitrarily give quotas or force assignments upon police stations under any pretext, or the offender would be subject to punishment. However, at a meeting in the beginning of this year, Luo Gan gave an order for police departments across the country to "strike hard for six months" and assigned firm arrest quotas for each location. According to reports, the arrest quota for the city of Shijiazhuang alone was 8,000. (Ed. Note: Shijiazhuang is noted for its large number of Falun Gong practitioners.) The arrest quota for a young "110" riot policeman was as high as 15. When catching criminals, is it necessary to have the authorities assign a quota? It is clear that these lawless individuals have ulterior motives.

It is a well-known fact within the Public Security Bureau that the primary goal of this "strike hard" campaign orchestrated by Luo Gan is a large-scale roundup of Falun Gong practitioners. They required that "investigations" be completed by the end of March 2002, so that the large-scale roundup can begin in April. Recently some police stations and residential committees in Shijiazhuang have harassed many Dafa practitioners at their homes.

The fundamental reason for the persecution is the evil elements in other dimensions. We hope that Dafa disciples everywhere will maintain powerful righteous thoughts, in order to completely clean out and eliminate these evil elements, including the other dimensions corresponding to the areas of Dafa disciples' residences. Let us not give the evil that is trying to persecute and interfere with Dafa disciples a chance to carry out their plan.