An opening ceremony was held on Thursday, March 28 to mark the start of a nine-day photo exhibit showcasing the growth and persecution of Falun Dafa. Friends of Falun Gong USA's Executive Director Alan Adler delivered the keynote speech. Donna Thomas, assistant to New Jersey Assemblywoman Elba Perez-Cinciarelli, presented a proclamation by New Jersey State Assembly. A congratulatory letter from State Senate President John Bennett was also read.

Ms. Donna Thomas presenting Proclamation in Jersey City to Falun Gong FoFG's Executive Director, Alan Adler, delivers the keynote address

Alan Adler said in his address, "Falun Gong practitioners believe in truth, compassion, and tolerance. In the years before the persecution, as more and more Chinese practiced Falun Gong, China became a better place...But these photos...reveal the truth of what it's like to be a Falun Gong practitioner in China today. I know it hard for us to look at these pictures, no one likes to see men, women or children so badly beaten that they are unrecognizable... The contrast between the photos of Falun Gong's early days, and these photos are so stark that it is hard to bear (click here for text of full speech).

The photo exhibit will run until Friday, April 5th, at the Jersey City Public Library (Click here for directions).

The event is sponsored by Jersey City Mayor Glenn D. Cunningham, Jersey City Municipal Council, Jersey City Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Cultural Affairs, and Friends of Falun Gong USA.

Preface to Exhibition:

A Photo Exhibit of the Journey of Falun Dafa
Ten Years' Joy, Courage and Glory

Falun Dafa: Ten Years' Joy, Courage and Glory photo exhibition chronicles the swift and remarkable rise of Falun Dafa, and highlights its followers' exceptional peacefulness, valor, and endurance in the face of the most vicious attacks by an authoritarian regime.

Throughout history, people have longed for peace, harmony and true freedom. Falun Dafa offers the answer --Truthfulness, Benevolence and Forbearance. To enjoy and ensure freedom, we need to rise to any challenges to these principles. By virtue of their inner strength and belief in these principles, Falun Dafa followers have proven to be the most peaceful and resilient against state-run terrorism by the atheist regime.

History has taught us the power of forbearance. While the seemingly strong and invincible quickly fade from memory, the virtuous and oppressed are long remembered by future generations. We remember their sufferings and treasure their benevolence and forbearance. History has taught us that peace and harmony are ultimately accomplished by the benevolent actions of brave and compassionate people who are willing to suffer for the sake of goodness. The saga of Falun Dafa is about this perennial theme of human history: freedom's triumph over terror and the power of righteous beliefs to crush evil, a message that has resonated in Canada, England, Germany, Belgium, Japan, Israel, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other places that have hosted this exhibition.

The courageous and glorious journey of Falun Dafa in the past ten years since its public introduction is vividly captured first-hand on the films of numerous Falun Dafa practitioners and photographers worldwide. Practitioners in China risked their freedom, if not lives, to take the pictures of the persecution. They shared the pictures with the people of the world so that everyone can witness the brutality and inhumanness of the horrifying persecution.

In a new era begun and defined by September 11, once again the world cries out for peace. People of compassion and forbearance are answering the call. Just as the early Christians were persecuted for their beliefs, the world watches in horror as powerful evil forces persecute Falun Dafa practitioners who take the same path as spiritual and moral leaders of the past. The peaceful civil disobedience movement of the true believers and practitioners of Truthfulness, Benevolence and Tolerance not only reminds us of the complexity of the world in which we live, but also encourages us to strive forward in our pursuit of truth and justice, for ourselves and for everybody else. As we are presenting Falun Dafa's ten-year history of joy, courage and glory, we know that the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners will end when each and every one of us stands up to safeguard freedom and uphold justice.

The exhibit is sponsored by:
Mayor Glenn D. Cunningham, Jersey City Municipal Council, and Jersey City Department. of Health & Human Services-Division of Cultural Affairs
Cosponsored by:
Friends of Falun Gong USA