Over 20 schoolteachers attended the 18th Taiwan Falun Gong Study Camp for Schoolteachers on March 30, 2002.

Schoolteachers discussing how to bring Falun Dafa to their schools Schoolteachers visiting photo exhibition during class break
Zhuan Falun in different languages attracting camp goers Mr. Hong teaching the second exercise After camp concluded, schoolteachers still stayed and learned all exercises

Practitioners in various academic fields shared their experiences in Dafa from different perspectives. They also took the opportunity to clarify the truth and answered questions from the schoolteachers. The effects of the speeches were very good. During the intermission the schoolteachers visited a Dafa book and photo exhibition. The teachers discussed how to bring the principle of Falun Gong to their schools and teach the principle of truth-compassion-tolerance to Taiwan's next generation.