A few days ago, a small incident allowed me to further realize that everything that happens to a practitioner happens for a reason, especially during the period of Fa-rectification. External disturbances perhaps come from the old evil forces. Looking within oneself, there may also be human notions or attachments that need to be eliminated.

One day I was out setting up a booth to sell goods. The weather suddenly became hot so I took off my coat, but I still felt very warm. At that time I was promoting Dafa to other sellers around me. An elderly woman was experiencing pain due to arthritis, so I promoted Dafa and clarified the truth to her through the issues of "sickness." I told her how bad my health used to be, and the wonders of cultivating Dafa. After a good conversation, she seemed to understand, and asked me many questions.

Before I knew it, noon came and the sun got even hotter. Around this time my mouth felt dry and my throat was aching. Then my teeth began to ache too. It became severe in the afternoon and around dinnertime. It was so terrible that I felt my head spinning. My spouse sprang at once at this chance and said, "I thought you practitioners said that you guys won't get sick? You guys are all supernormal, how come you are feeling like this?" While lying in bed I didn't argue with him. Originally I wanted to read the book and study the Fa, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I was thinking, while being extremely bothered, "Maybe I can't send forth righteous thoughts today." Then a thought came to me, "Everything about practitioners is supposed to be the finest. Our life is created through Fa-rectification, and we are Dafa particles. One can only wonder how much the merciful Teacher had endured for us. Besides, during the last phase of the Fa-rectification, personal sickness karma doesn't offer much real benefit [to Dafa or to the practitioner]. Could it be that the evil forces are using the practitioners' sickness karma and manifest the sickness conditions, so that they can prevent the practitioners from sending forth righteous thoughts or clarifying the truth?"

Meanwhile I looked within myself, and found the show off mentality that I had when I was clarifying the truth. I was not being completely compassionate.

After I made up my mind, I felt that I could not endure this pain passively. I started to eliminate this thing in my mind and sent forth righteous thoughts: "The practitioners are the most righteous; let all the evil elements that are not righteous be dissolved within my own dimensions, and completely defy the arrangements of the old evil forces."

The next morning, my swollen face recovered, my teeth no longer ached, and my body felt great. The feeling was as if I had been renewed.

A few days later, another practitioner experienced something similar, and the physical pain was even more severe. Her face was swollen, body ached and she had hot and cold flashes. It affected her Fa-study, practicing the exercises, sending forth righteous thoughts, and clarifying the truth. That practitioner obtained the Fa after July 20, 1999, and she always felt that her understanding of the Fa was not high enough and that the Teacher had made her undergo karma elimination. I told her from my experience that these are the arrangements of the old forces, and that she has to eliminate them using righteous thoughts. She understood immediately and quickly moved forward from that bad state.

This made me realize deeply that if we don't use a righteous mind to view small matters, it might hurt Dafa's reputation. In clarifying the truth to the people who have fallen, if we show them conditions of "sickness," it would be even more difficult for them to understand, and the evil will become more conceited.

I hope this article will help expose the evil old forces, so that they could be completely eliminated. We must not let them take advantage of Dafa disciples' weaknesses.