1. Special Jail
  2. With high walls and nets with iron sticks intertwined, a three-story building specifically exists for holding brainwashing classes, in order to forcefully persecute Falun Gong practitioners. Steel barricades have blocked hallways, and one practitioner is assigned per room. Makeshift windows and doors comprised of steel bars are found throughout. Falun Gong practitioners are locked up all day and not allowed to go out. With huge steel doors at every entrance, each floor has assigned people to monitor practitioners 24 hours a day, and each room has assigned one staff member to monitor the brainwashing (process) 24 hours a day. In addition, each room has a few electronic devices to monitor Falun Gong practitioners. No talking is allowed, nor is Fa studying or practicing exercises. Brainwashing classes have also set up small, stifling guardrooms. In these rooms, practitioners are forced to listen to propaganda filled with rumors and defamations. When going to washrooms or taking showers, washing their faces, or brushing their teeth, whatever they are doing, practitioners are always kept under close watch.

  3. Police brutally beat, humiliate and swear at Falun Gong practitioners freely; practitioners are handcuffed, sent to guardrooms, and strip-searched.
  4. Between June and July 2001, they began brainwashing practitioners by force even more aggressively and beating up practitioners for hours at a time (Peng Min was persecuted to death and his mother used to be detained here as well.) Practitioners were given 50 grams to 100 grams each meal; sometimes they were not even given anything to eat, not allowed to sleep, and not given any hot water to drink. Plus, practitioners also underwent a kind of punishment in which they were forced to stand for an extended period of time.

    There was a female practitioner who was 56 years old. Because she spoke out that Dafa was good and didn't agree to write the guarantee letter against Dafa, a staff member whose surname is Huang punished her.

    This practitioner was a kindly woman with glasses who worked for the Wuchang Court. Under duress, she was forced to stand up straight, in such a way that mimicked military training, in one position for 16 hours. Her hands, arms, feet and legs all turned a purple and became swollen. Her socks tied into her legs for one centimeter; she lost her voice, and was denied any food. This cruel officer, Huang, slapped her face in front of 6 or 7 other staff members, and beat her up a few times in their absence, until he got tired. He said he would come back after he had a good break.

    There was another female practitioner, 63 years old, who because of briefly speaking to another practitioner next door, was brutally beaten until her legs were black and blue. Two months later, they still remained black and blue. The female staff member that inflicted this brutality went by the surname Pan.

    There was another practitioner who, because of chronic leg pain, couldn't do the morning and military training, so the officers denied her any food. When she told other people about this fact, she was sent to the guardroom and handcuffed for 10 hours. She was sent to the guardroom a few times, and in this place, the quarters were tight, the temperature was constantly hot, and the air was putrid and filled with mosquitoes. In fact, she had mosquito bites all over her body.

    One male practitioner over 40 years old was detained in the brainwashing class for over a year. Every week, the evil leaders sent two guards to watch him, beat him up, and punish him by forcing him to stand on a cement floor with bare feet. They also forced him to squat on the hard floor with his knees bent and with two hands around his head at the same time, etc. The temperature was 40 C (104F).

    On December 31st 2001, a few Dafa practitioners were shouting, " stop broadcasting," "Falun Dafa is an orthodox Fa," "Dafa is good, so is Master" etc, in order to eliminate the defamation of Dafa and our Master. One evil policeman whose surname is Zhou, from Ziyang police station, rushed into a room, grabbed two female practitioners and beat them up very badly. One practitioner over 52 years old was severely beaten. The officer who beat her slammed his fists hard into two acupuncture points, and she ended up being unable to urinate. The same night, three female practitioners were transferred to east and west lake shelter. Two other practitioners went on a hunger strike because the policemen kept beating up practitioners in such a violent way. Those who understood the law paid no attention to it and acted against the law. These practitioners were sent to the shelter after 5 and 7 days, respectively.

  5. Life Sentences

Practitioners who would not give up practicing have been detained for 15 months, and they aren't going to be released unless they give it up (they have been there since October 2000). Some practitioners, whose terms were due at Hewan detention center, were to be sent to brainwashing classes and detained if they continued to persist in cultivation. Zhu from the brainwashing class said: "If you aren't transformed, you will be detained for 10 or 20 years."

However, true practitioners will never change their minds; they will never give up cultivating in a steadfast way, as they are determined to return with Teacher through enlightenment.