(Clearwisdom.net) Around 8 p.m. on March 5, 2002, eight channels from Changchun City's cable television network suddenly began broadcasting Falun Dafa informational programming, such as "Falun Dafa All Over the World" and "Self-Immolation or Staged Act?" and other Falun Gong features, which lasted 40-50 minutes. People in several hundred thousand households subscribing to this cable television network in Changchun City witnessed this incident. This act of justice caused great shock in China. Below is today's report from China about people's reactions.

Changchun News -- Around 8 p.m. on March 5, 2002, the signals on the Changchun cable television network suddenly went dead, and immediately when the pictures returned, CCTV Channel 6, the state-run TV channel, was broadcasting Falun Gong information. At first people thought it was another anti-Falun Gong campaign, so they didn't pay much attention, but after a while they found out that everything the TV station broadcast was positive about Falun Gong!

People became excited. After two years of evil propaganda, many people wanted to listen to a different voice on Falun Gong from the other side. However, the government severely blocks news and information by arresting, beating and implicating citizens, so many people are scared. Today, it was different; the truth was shown on TV and was sent into our houses!

From this 40-50 minute long truth clarification program, the kind-hearted citizens of Changchun City learned that: Falun Gong has spread to countries all over the world, including U.S, Japan, Canada, Australia, France, U.K, other European countries and more. Thousands of people in many countries around the world practice Falun Gong. From this TV program people also saw the evil nature of Jiang Zemin. As someone said after watching the program: Jiang is a big political villain.

People also learned more about the truth about the "Tiananmen Self-immolation Incident." From the program people saw clearly the heavy object that was thrown from behind Liu Chunling's head [Liu was one of the self-immolators], hitting and killing her. This excited people even more. Several minutes after the program began, people called each other on the phone and said, "The CCTV broadcast positive reports about Falun Gong, so maybe it wants to restore Falun Gong's reputation!" Soon, the Changchun people all learned about this. The whole program lasted 40-50 minutes and covered the majority of Changchun City's viewers. It was learned afterwards that besides the Changchun Automobile Factory and several other places, people in most other areas were able to watch the truth-clarifying program of Falun Gong. This stunning feat effectively broke through the Jiang and Luo criminal group's information blockade.

The next morning, people talked about this incident on buses, in the streets and at their work units. Some said, "Was this done by a chivalrous person? He must be a superman!" Some said, "There are some really amazing Falun Gong practitioners!" "So the self-immolation was all fake!" "Jiang Zemin is truly malicious!" Some said, "So there are so many people in the world learning Falun Gong." And yet others said, "It's about time to restore Falun Gong's reputation!" Some people recounted the content of the TV program and some regretted that they missed it.

This magnificent feat of justice greatly moved the hearts of Chanchun citizens and inspired many people's consciences and kind thoughts; moreover, it shocked the evil. The newspaper that day printed a few dozen-word news article which appeared in an obscure section of the paper, saying: "Falun Gong practitioners added Falun Gong information to the cable network signals and were arrested on the spot." After seeing this skimpy report, people who have been through the Cultural Revolution and other political scams and information blockades and who already know [the truth] in their hearts, nodded and smiled at Falun Gong practitioners near them. The next day, various street committees and work units received urgent orders for action. They began to locate Falun Gong practitioners whose names are on the blacklists and questioned them whether they participated in this. Looking at this commotion, the citizens seemed to know that the news article [mentioned above] was lying. People said privately, "If the person was arrested on the spot, then what is this investigation all about? Or are they just arresting innocent people to carry out the order?"

It was learned that, after watching the surprise program, the majority of Falun Gong practitioners in Changchun City immediately sent forth righteous thoughts to ensure the success of the TV program. The aftermath reaction of the citizenry showed what people really wanted, and that Falun Gong practitioners have matured through cultivation. Practitioners also think that, no matter how this happened, we should use this opportunity to send forth righteous thoughts more and completely eradicate the evil. At the same time they also remind each other, "Watch out, the evil might be secretly investigating this. Bear righteous thoughts in mind at every single moment." "We should also do better and help more people to learn about the truth and obtain a bright future!"

Eastern U.S. Time: March 7, 2002, 1 p.m.