(Clearwisdom.net) I am a female practitioner from Changchun City. I would like to make known my personal experiences and of every cruel act performed by the Changchun Police that I have witnessed, so that we can awaken the consciences of kindhearted people and at the same time call on every government around the world to stop Jiang's persecution of Falun Gong and its practitioners.

Tortures I endured that were instigated by Zhang Zhen, the deputy leader of Changchun Police Station First Police Squad:

I was arrested in 2001 while handing out truth-clarifying materials in the countryside. The police from the local City Political Security Department grabbed me by the hair and pulled me from my seat, furiously hitting me on the head. Two police stomped hard on my calves, causing deep bruises. Due to the fact that I did not cooperate with them, one of the police started to yell, "You can commit murder and arson; you can steal and rob; you can drink and gamble; but you can't practice Falun Gong!" He was swearing all kinds of insults.

Zhang Zhen, the deputy leader of Changchun Police Station first police squad forced me to squat and handcuffed me to the heater pipe while he ferociously hit my head. He smashed my head against the office wall and when I spat out the blood from my cut lip, Zhang Zhen said, "You are not allowed to spit it out. Swallow it and wipe up the blood from the floor. Just wait and watch me torture you to death."

He then said, "My name is up on Clearwisdom Net, which says that I persecute practitioners. So what if I do? I get paid 1000 Yuan (Chinese currency, approximately two months wage of an average urban worker) a month by President Jiang to do this. The tiger bench (Practitioners' knees are tightly tied on a small iron bench. Usually some hard objects are inserted underneath the practitioner's lower legs or ankles to make it harder for them to tolerate this abuse. See illustration on http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2001/11/24/16156.html) is used on murderers and now we use it on practitioners. Jiang is happier each time a practitioner is beaten to death and there are already quite a few corpses in the basement."

I said to him, "I'm sure you must have sisters, and we all have parents." Officer Zhang said inhumanely, "Don't talk to me about these things, we are enemies. I don't have any parents." I did not cooperate with him, so he stood on my feet while I was tied on the tiger bench and stomped down hard. At the same time, a horizontal steel scale was placed on my feet, and two 10 kg weights were placed around my ankles. He also tore Teacher's photo from the book and burned it. He said, "Watch me burn this. Swear at your Teacher, say you will not practice anymore, say it, say it!" He was like a monster.

In order to keep me quiet, he tied a cloth around my mouth and said in a satisfied tone, "Whatever happens in here will not be known, the whole building is empty, and there's only a few people here." He punched me until my whole face swelled up and my lower lip was cut.

He also said, "Practitioner Yu sat on the tiger bench for three days and nights. He soiled his clothes and then I beat him in such a way that no one could tell he'd been beaten." Officer Zhang Zhen also beat female practitioner Li Zhuhua at the Changchun Xinglong Mountain Brainwashing Class. He smashed her head against steel bed frames, slapped her and kicked her legs. She said that her whole face became almost deformed and thought Officer Zhang was a guard, but later knew that he was actually a deputy police officer.

There are so many practitioners who were tortured and persecuted by Zhang Zhen. He has the blood of kindhearted people on his hands.

Violence at the Changchun Third Detention Center and Tiebei Detention Center

Female Dafa practitioner Yu Donghui was unconscious when she was brought to the Tiebei Detention Center. According to inmates in the same cell, she had injuries all over her body with purple and green patches everywhere. The jail doctor had to put her on an intravenous drip, and it took her many days to recover. The inmates in her cell said with pain in their hearts, "Falun Gong practitioners are all good people. The police are too cruel."

Changchun female practitioner Zhao Yufeng did not cooperate with unlawful demands, so she was handcuffed and shackled. As she walked past the hallway to her court hearing, people gave her admiring looks. Later she was forced to sit on the tiger bench for three days and nights at the Changchun Police Station and endured a torturous interrogation.

When Changchun female practitioners Zhang Yufeng and Fu Yanfu refused to cooperate with photo taking because they had not done anything wrong and are not criminals, police from the Changchun City Third Detention Center beat them mercilessly. They pulled their hair and slapped them in the hallway. The sounds of the beating brought tears to many people's eyes in the surrounding rooms.

Jilin City practitioner Liu Zhe was handcuffed and shackled because he continued to practice the exercises and was only freed from the chains when he started a hunger strike in protest.

Guard Chen from Changchun City Third Detention Center confiscates practitioners' watches and other items whenever he wants to.

As for those real criminals who have connections with the guards, they are able to sleep for as long as they want or can buy a sleeping space with 2000 Yuan. The rest have to sleep packed like sardines, with one person's head next to another's feet. One cannot even turn during the night. Everyday, there are only two pieces of corn flour bread that are not fully cooked, and only one piece each meal is allowed to go along with some broth.

These practitioners who are determined in their righteous belief in Dafa and Teacher also clarified the truth about Falun Gong to inmates in their cell, so that they are no longer deceived by lies. An inmate Zhang who was jailed for stealing said, "If I had known Falun Gong earlier, I would not have done petty things for little gains. Now I know how a person should behave."

Darkness in Heizuizi Female Forced Labor Camp

The doctors within the Heizuizi Labor Camp wickedly said, "If you refuse to give up Falun Gong, then you can die here." On the surface they are giving check-ups, but actually they are abusing their positions. Some practitioners were tortured until there was only one breath left and could not walk upright. Many were carried back into the labor camp.

Changchun female practitioners Sun Shuyin, Wang Qingwen and Zhang Shumin refused to co-operate with unlawful demands. They tore up the books that defamed Falun Dafa and Teacher in public. The Team Leader Wang Limei separated each practitioner into individual cells and shocked them with electric batons. Yells and screams could be heard through the doors, and guards furiously kicked Zhang Shumin, a practitioner who was already very weak and whose sentence had been extended. From then on, practitioner Sun Shuyin was singled out and watched by guards, and no one could contact her for a whole month. No one knows how badly she was tortured during this time.

In order to intensify the persecution of practitioners, police in Heizuizi Labor Camp ordered a drug addict named Feng Ningning to be in charge of discipline. Female practitioner Chen Weiyuan from Jilin Province was very weak after being tortured when she went to Beijing to appeal. Feng Ningning forced her to crouch or stand for long periods of time. Feng also slapped and hit practitioner Chen Weiyuan. Feng placed paper on the windows and doors so that no one could see what was happening inside. She tried to force practitioner Chen to stop practicing and write a statement against Dafa. When Chen refused, Feng became even more severe in her torture. She cursed at Chen in front of 30 people, and Chen's face was bruised, showing clear handprints. Practitioner Chen pointed out Feng's wrongdoings and hoped that she would change. However, with the support of the guard and team leader, Feng did not regret the way she treated Chen.

After female practitioner Yu Donghui declared to the guard that her statements against Dafa were void, Feng Ningning forced her to stand from 8:30 p.m. that night until 12 midnight. This continued for three nights and two days. She hit practitioner Yu's face and ordered her to take back her solemn declaration. However, none of these tortures could move a Dafa practitioner's determination in cultivation.

Team Leader Wang Limei beat a female practitioner from Nongan County when she refused to cooperate with photo taking. Wang smashed that practitioner's head against the wall, at the same time slapping and swearing at her. Section Chief Lian from the Administrative Section was present but he ignored Wang's behavior. Wang Limei beat this practitioner's face and mouth with an electric baton when she refused to answer during roll call. Her whole face became deformed and burnt, causing her to have difficulty eating. Due to the fact that she refused to wear the inmate uniform, the team leader and guard forcefully took off her clothes, leaving her in her undergarments, even though it was during late autumn. She was handcuffed to a steel bed and because she refused to give up Falun Dafa, the collaborators [former practitioners who were unable to withstand the severe pressure and turned against Dafa] watched her very closely at all times.

The fifth team leader, guard Xiao, beat female practitioner Liang Shuxia from Lishu County with an electric baton because she exposed the violence of police officers to the public. Liang Shuxia's face and mouth swelled and bled, and the guard warned her not to tell anyone. Because she refused to write a statement against Dafa, she was forced to stand in the hallway and cursed in front of everyone. However, none of this could move the determination of a true Dafa practitioner.

Heizuizi Labor Camp forces practitioners to work long hours. Everyday, they must get up at 5 a.m. and cannot sleep until 10 p.m. Each day, they have to work at least 16 hours, and each has their own allocated quota so if they do not finish, they cannot go to sleep.

Every practitioner in the labor camp must undergo brainwashing. Those who enlightened along an evil path took turns in the brainwashing. They force practitioners to read articles and books that slander Dafa and Teacher. In order to make sure the brainwashing is comprehensive, they placed all the new arrivals, the ones whom they think have not being brainwashed completely, in one room and surrounded them with things that slandered Dafa. They were not allowed to talk and if they did, their sentences would be extended. At night, they were only allowed to sleep after the others fell asleep. The labor camp attempted to use these methods to force practitioners to give up cultivation and turn against Dafa and Teacher.

The Director of Heizuizi Labor Camp Ma Tingli once said during a meeting, "People outside say that we are evil officers, you should go out there and say a just word for us." If they do not want people to know, they should start changing themselves. Their evil deeds will one day be known to the world. They are lenient towards the criminals who abuse practitioners and people who have enlightened along an evil path. However, towards the determined Dafa practitioners, they not only torture them physically but also mentally by not allowing them to talk or even drink water when they want to. This is all done by the collaborators or others that have been hired to watch the practitioners. There are specific people who watch them when they go to the toilet. The only thing they can do is stay in the room and work.

Today, this is the way Jiang and his associates treat his citizens. The above occurrences have moved the heart of every person who still has a conscience.